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Micro Scooter Reviews | Real Mums Real Feedback

August 15, 2017
Micro Scooter Reviews | Real Mums Real Feedback

Micro is the premium kids and adults scooter brand designed in Switzerland and loved across Australia.

Micro Scooters have asked us to contact our favourite blogger friends to review the new Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe and Micro Deluxe ranges - the Tinitrader team have had the pleasure of zooming around on the Micro Deluxe Scooters around our office too!

Enjoy reading Claire, Sally, Ruby and Millie's reviews about the freedom, fun and independence that Micro Scooters bring.



When it comes to scooters, we have done our fair share of miles on them, in fact Miss Sadie might tell you she’s an expert! Since she was two we have been using Micro Scooters, as she was super keen to keep up with her big brother who is also a big fan.

Premium design makes these our absolute fave, having tested out other brands, we were very quick to notice the superior difference in the way these scooters handle bumps and turns. For little ones who are learning to balance and coordinate developing motor skills, having a simple ‘lean and steer’ mechanism along with a brake that is easy to navigate, makes them not only easy to manoeuvre but a much safer option.

Now Sadie is five, she is flying through the streets on her Micro Scooter, full of confidence. We literally take our scooter everywhere. Trips down the street for ice-cream, school pick up to avoid the long walk to the car and… on holidays! This would have to be my favourite thing about the Micro, not only is it lightweight but it’s so easy to pack away in your case.

Sadie has never been much of a ‘walker’ so when she became too big for a pram we needed a solution for when we were travelling or wanted to take longer walks. Our Micro Scooter was just that. It handles so perfectly, she can weave through crowds and keep up with us in any situation without becoming overtired (or bored) as she did when she had to walk everywhere.

While aqua is her choice of colour at the moment, there are ten eye catching colours to choose from and no doubt as she grows from the Mini Micro Deluxe model to the older version, the Maxi Micro, she’ll make sure she gets to try a few more colours in their range!

My Hipster Kid



There is one thing I have learnt as a mother to three little boys… They pack a tonne of energy under their belt!

And as a mother to three little boys, if I could give you just one piece of advise on how to handle this – keep them outside and moving as often as you can!

Oh and feed them! Feed them often. Because hungry very quickly turns to hangry (the kind of hungry that makes them really angry!). And hangry boys are not much fun at all.

Skate parks and scooters are our thing. We regularly pack a picnic and hit the pavement for some energy burning fun!

And when on the hunt for the perfect ride, look no further than Micro Scooters. Trust me on this one. We have been through our fair share of anything and everything on wheels! And these have always been a favourite.

This mamma is big on buying quality. Because… well, it lasts.
And in this house, it needs to. It will be put through its paces.

The new Mini Micro Deluxe (ridden by four year old Axel) has been designed for pre-schoolers aged from two to five years. We love the adjustable T-Bar that allows the scooter to ‘grow’ with the child. Our boys have easily taken to the ‘lean and steer’ scooting style, supported by the three wheels for which the Mini Micro is known. It has a sturdy but lightweight frame that is easily maneuvered wherever they want to go – great for instilling independence (and keeping your own hands free!).

Be warned though… Their balance, co-ordination, AND confidence will quickly grow from zero to hero! And before you can finish your latte (ALWAYS be sure to arm yourself with coffee when attempting the skate park with three boys – or any number of tiny humans) you will turn to see your mini attempting their first ‘drop in’ on the half pipe!

Inside Four Lines



Having a scooter at work makes life so much more easier – and fun!

My day starts off with finding a carpark near my work. Usually this is a 15 minute walk away from the office however with my new Micro Scooter it cuts this time in half. Not only does this make my mornings more efficient, but it is great incidental exercise that helps get the oxygen going and heart pumping.

When I reach my desk post-scooter-ride I am feeling energised and ready to go. I love how easy it is to fold my scooter down to a nice compact size which makes it easy to store in the office.

Here at Tinitrader we are very environmentally conscious so it is fantastic that we can now scooter to a spot for lunch, local post office or an appointment nearby without having to take the car. Already I feel like I have reduced my carbon footprint with the number of short trips I have done on my scooter.

My favourite part about using a Micro Scooter for work is that it is a great way to de-stress and bond with the team. We have found ourselves going for quick scooter trips in the afternoon to get some fresh air and a good boost of energy to power through the rest of the day. There truly is no age limit on scooting – it never fails to put a smile on your face!



Ruby Fiona

We hope you enjoyed this store feature. If you are ready to start shop Micro Scooters, then be sure and check out the Micro(/s/-/micro-scooters) product range.

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