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Introducing Minbie to the Tinitrader Family!

November 27, 2014
Introducing Minbie to the Tinitrader Family!

What do you get when you put 13 years, hundreds of prototypes and continual testing together? The answer, the greatest instinctive feeding technology we’ve seen yet, the fantastic Minbie range!

So, what’s all the fuss about?

Perhaps the biggest hesitation when considering bottle feeding a baby is the worry that generic bottle teats can mean newborns develop different latch and feeding actions. This can cause confusion and problems such as a weak latch and lazy feeding when a baby switches to and from breastfeeding.

The most important aspect of Minbie’s research is that the design allows for both bottle and breast feeding without disturbing a baby’s natural breastfeeding technique. The beauty of Minbie’s design is it allows for easy switching between breast and bottle, a God send for many Mums out there! I only wish this product was available when I was feeding my twins!

Minbie BabyTeatFeeding

Minbie has many additional benefits including support for newborn’s digestion by releasing natural digestive enzymes which also aid Baby’s sleeping patterns. Another plus is that Minbie is proudly Australian owned and designed.

minbie feeding system

We’re not the only ones who think Minbie is pretty great with Minbie being awarded “Best in Category” at the Good Design Awards for being a breakthrough product and constantly receiving 5 star reviews from real Mums.

Make sure you look at the range and see for yourself how Minbie can change the way you feed your bub. Available in premature, 0m+ and 3 months + to accommodate differing feeding and development stages.

Also available are the 120ml smash resistant glass bottle and 180ml BPA-Free PP Bottle both including silicon seals.

minbie large 1

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