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Mini Beanz | Fun & High Quality Children's Bean Bags

November 12, 2015
Mini Beanz | Fun & High Quality Children's Bean Bags

Mini Beanz | Fun & Safe Bean Bags for Kids, Babies and Teens

The Tinitrader team were thrilled to come across Mini Beanz and their funky range of kids bean bags.

The Mini Beanz range provides comfortable and stylish seating options for big and little kids alike. The collection has been extremely popular on Tinitrader and it’s easy to see why! We love the fun colours, patterns and shapes that the Mini Beanz collection boasts and can easily envisage these bean bags being extremely popular in our own homes!

We were lucky enough to speak to the talented and hard working owner and founder of Mini Beanz, Bianca and learn more about her business, family and inspirations.

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Tell us a bit about the Mini Beanz story.

Both my children have been diagnosed with a Congenital muscle weakness shortly after they were born. We have the task of daily physio and when the kids were younger it meant being on the floor for what seemed like forever. My husband Nick and I wanted to find something that could give them a much deserved break and reward for all their hard work.

This is when I started researching different baby/kids products that I thought would not only be the perfect reward for them but that also catered for their needs, as Aria also suffered from Reflux and Flat Head. Being delayed in their movements the furniture I had at home seemed to outgrow the kids before they could even start to use it. I needed something that the kids could use from the day they were born and not outgrow in 6 months.

The moment I decided to go for it was…

The moment I decided to go for it, Aria was 10 months old, couldn’t sit up or support herself and was way too big for a bouncer, I needed something for her to sit on. I spent a lot of money on other beans bags but found even though it was marketed for newborns to teens, her legs would hang off the sides, and she looked like a giant on this small bag. This is what pushed me to really get myself into gear, my kids were missing out! It was a lot of researching, reading and testing.

I spent endless hours scouring the internet reading up on the positives and negatives of bean bags and read as many reviews as possible. Countless hours were spent reading my way through the ACCC website to ensure that the products we designed would meet ALL Australian Safety Standards and beyond. Finally our sample was made and I started testing and reworking immediately. Nick and I have put a lot of thought into each of our designs. We would never approve a design until we have had the chance to test it for comfort, quality, safety and practicality with our own family.

Can you share a defining moment in your business journey?

The launch of our website and social media pages were a defining moment because up until that point-in-time we were still in pre-launch mode. Once everything went live the whole atmosphere around Mini Beanz changed and there was a great amount of energy that we had achieved our first goal of having the entire brand up and running. To finally be selling our range to the world was very exciting!


Where do you find inspiration?

Our kids play a big role in this as we have a front row seat in hearing and seeing things they like and don’t like which is priceless. Sometimes we might find inspiration from something they are really into and all of a sudden a light bulb idea goes off in our heads and we begin the process from there.

What is your favourite piece from the Mini Beanz collection?

My favourite bean bag from our collection would have to be the Toddler Lounges. They are simple and cute and suitable for boys and girls from all backgrounds and cultures. They work extremely well in most spaces as the subtle colours and overall design do not clash with all types of furniture which is a strong selling point for mums and dads.

Tell us a bit about your family.

We are a young family of 4 made up of myself (Bianca), my husband Nick and our two adorable children, Deon 4 and Aria 3. We also have a extremely cute dog called Ebonie who we treat as one of the family so really I should say we’re a family of 5!

Both Nick and I work in my other family business which I believe is testament to how strong our bond / relationship is as husband and wife as most people upon hearing that we work together think we’re crazy as they could not imagine working with their spouse for more than a day, but we have now been working together for close to 8 years and haven’t killed each other yet!

Deon and Aria have definitely provided added incentive to work hard and be the best parents we can be to support them for now and the future.

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What is your favourite thing to do as a family in your down time?

We’re fortunate enough to have a beautiful park across the road from home so most sunny days we can be found there either with the kids riding their motorized kids bikes (which are extremely cool), playing on the fantastic play equipment or the kids kicking a football or soccer ball with Nick. We are also very family orientated so we try and spend as much time with both sets of grandparents so they don’t miss out on seeing Deon and Aria grow, which is tricky as they seem to discover new things everyday which makes each visit to their grandparents always exciting.

What has motherhood taught you?

Time is precious. Before kids there was this feeling that we had forever to achieve our goals, we had “time to kill” on weekends, nowadays it has taught me that in the blink of an eye your children are not babies anymore. Our weekends are crazy, trying to get in every last bit of daylight we can, to create new memories. At then end of the day this is what the kids will take with them when we move into our next stage of life.

What’s next for Mini Beanz?

New original designs that will definitely keep our existing fan base happy. We also want to begin the process of placing our collections in specific retail locations so Mini Beanz becomes more accessible for consumers.

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