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Mini Micro Deluxe Review | My Hipster Kid

February 05, 2018
Mini Micro Deluxe Review | My Hipster Kid

Claire from My Hipster Kid reviews the New Mini Micro Scooter Deluxe with her daughter Sadie!

The latest scooter from Micro is packed with fantastic features including:

• Adjustable handlebars

• Unique silicon raised deck

• Anodised stem protects from corrosion

• Stable 3 wheel design

• Intuitive lean-to-steer action

• Lightweight design

• Wide non-slip deck, low to the ground

Enjoy reading Claire's review about the freedom, fun and independence that the Mini Micro Deluxe brings.


When it comes to scooters, we have done our fair share of miles on them, in fact Miss Sadie might tell you she’s an expert! Since she was two we have been using Micro Scooters, as she was super keen to keep up with her big brother who is also a big fan.

Premium design makes these our absolute fave, having tested out other brands, we were very quick to notice the superior difference in the way these scooters handle bumps and turns. For little ones who are learning to balance and coordinate developing motor skills, having a simple ‘lean and steer’ mechanism along with a brake that is easy to navigate, makes them not only easy to manoeuvre but a much safer option.

Now Sadie is five, she is flying through the streets on her Micro Scooter, full of confidence. We literally take our scooter everywhere. Trips down the street for ice-cream, school pick up to avoid the long walk to the car and… on holidays! This would have to be my favourite thing about the Micro, not only is it lightweight but it’s so easy to pack away in your case.

Sadie has never been much of a ‘walker’ so when she became too big for a pram we needed a solution for when we were travelling or wanted to take longer walks. Our Micro Scooter was just that. It handles so perfectly, she can weave through crowds and keep up with us in any situation without becoming overtired (or bored) as she did when she had to walk everywhere.

While aqua is her choice of colour at the moment, there are ten eye catching colours to choose from and no doubt as she grows from the Mini Micro Deluxe model to the older version, the Maxi Micro, she’ll make sure she gets to try a few more colours in their range!