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Meet Shelley - the glamour Mum and founder of ModelCo

June 27, 2016
Meet Shelley - the glamour Mum and founder of ModelCo

We talk to the inspirational mother behind ModelCo. Shelley shares her experience with running her own business and a family!

Talk us through a typical Model Co. day- what does that look like for you?

I am involved in all facets of the business so I am usually running from one department to the next overseeing new product development, PR and marketing events, digital strategy, packaging and design, warehouse orders, retailer activities and finances.

If we are in the middle of launching a new product, I will have press meetings.

Early in the morning I touch base with my US contacts and then in the afternoon I speak to Europe. Quite often I have an evening launch or an event which gives me the perfect excuse to glam up.

white outfits


When growing up did you reach for your crayons on the calculator first? i.e., do you think you’re more creative or business-minded? / or both?

Definitely the calculator! I always wanted to know how much I could make off a deal! I had real drive to succeed in business from a very young age.

We’d love to hear how you balance your life between tan and fam? What are your top tips for managing the mum/ boss juggle?

I am very fortunate in that I have a lot of family support. It definitely eases the guilt of working long hours when I know my girls are being cared for by family members. I also have a fantastic nanny and am super organised by nature which keeps my schedule relatively calm!

My top tips would be:

  • Make sure to spend some quality time with the kids before work – plan the mornings so you can have breakfast together and avoid an early morning panic. Go over the plan for the day and explain who is picking the kids up and what time you will be home. I find my kids feel secure when they know what is going on.

  • I try and stay connected to my kids during the day. I always call my girls after school finishes, or on my way to an event so they know I am thinking of them. It makes all the difference to their day.

  • I like to plan activities on the weekend that the kids can look forward to. That way we all know that family time is around the corner!

This may be a silly question but do you get the ‘business-mum guilt’s.?’ If not, good on you and why not? What tips can you give other working mothers from experiencing this.

Yes, guilt is part and parcel of the working mother.

I try and congratulate myself on the type of role model I am showing my girls.

They will grow up believing that women are strong, smart, dedicated and leaders in the workplace.

I do try and get to all the important school things so that they feel important and weekends are always dedicated to one on one time with the girls.

shelley team

How do you keep motivated to get up and get moving every day?

I love all my different roles, CEO, mother, daughter, partner, friend, so it makes life busy but never boring!

I always have something going on and I thrive on being busy and solving problems!

My health is something I take very seriously. I am a huge fan of supplements, they help my keep my energy levels up, prevent me from getting sick and balance my moods. I also practice acupuncture, kinesiology and reiki.

How do you keep staff motivated?

I feel that managing highly motivated staff starts with me. If I want my team to start each day excited to face new challenges head-on, I need to do the same! P

art of my job is to greet each day with energy and passion, inspiring my employees to do the same.

Oh, and I love bringing in sweet treats for my team! Currently we are obsessed with muffins!

Help us Get the Look! What would be your top 3 products you’d select from Tinitrader if you were to buy a gift for a new mums or expecting mums?

I am a big believer in the power of aromatherapy.

Knowledge is power! Or a start at least!

I absolutely loved the Lil Fraser wraps for my babies:

You always look ahhmazzing. Can you provide 3 Easy Steps on how to go for drab to fab? (of course you can promote Model Co range products).

1- I always feel better when I am bronzed and glowing. ModelCo ONE HOUR TAN will give you a gorgeous colour in just one hour! Or try a spritz of ModelCo TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN if you are short on time!

2- A slick of lipstick will always brighten your look. Try a bold red colour for an instant pick me up! ModelCo Party Proof Lipsticks have serious staying power!

3- It is amazing how much a tamed, sculpted eyebrow can change your look! Try ModelCo MORE BROWS teamed with ModelCo BROW & EYE DUO HIGHLIGHTER for perfectly arched brows and bright eyes.

Thanks Shelley!

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