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9 Tips on Designing your Dream Modern Nursery!

July 18, 2014
9 Tips on Designing your Dream Modern Nursery!

You're pregnant - congratulations! Now you have the exciting job of decorating the nursery. It's time to channel your inner interior designer and embark on a very special design project!

With a generation of design conscious urban Mums and Dads, baby nurseries are going modern. Savvy Mums are now looking to make the nursery fit in with the rest of the house.

Modern design could be labeled too harsh and cold for a baby nursery, however with clever design considerations the modern nursery can be calming and add a sense of simplicity to an otherwise complex world of looking after a newborn baby!

So how do we create a modern nursery that will suit the stylish modern home? We have pulled together some tips and thoughts.

1. Simplicity

The underlying theme in modern design is a focus on simplicity and clean lines. The look avoids fussy decoration and furniture and focuses on carefully paired back presentation. The modern style is ideal for apartments and small spaces as it maximizes space and creates the impression that a room is larger than it actually is.


2. Colour choices

Colour and pattern choice is key to getting the look! Minimal textures and bold geometric forms, neutral colours accented with a single bold colour along with polished finishes and asymmetrical balance are key identifying features of modern style interiors. Stripes, prints and timeless patterns can all seamlessly blend for a rich, lived-in feel that reflects the personality of the family (and the baby)! It works to have a more mix and match look rather than a room where everything is matching.

We love the soft grey colours popular currently. This can be accented with dramatic inks and charcoals. These are not traditional colours for a nursery, however they work well when paired with the right furniture and accessories to create an edgy look. It is always fun to do the unexpected and throw out the rule book when decorating something as special as your baby’s nursery.


3. Avoid gender specific décor and themes!

Gone are the days of decorating a boy’s room blue and a girl’s room pink. We also see less matchy-matchy nurseries where a clear theme reigns and everything fits like a perfectly coordinated puzzle. Now anything goes and there is a strong shift to gender neutral rooms. The more neutral colour tones and wonderful linen and toys on the market make achieving this look easy without comprising on the fun that can be found in a nursery.


4. Think beyond the nursery stage

The room works well when it lasts beyond just the baby stage. We can all become excited about having everything perfect for our newborns without much thought to the fact that baby is not tiny for long. They sadly grow up all too quickly!

One way to assist with extending the room’s longevity is to look for furniture that serves more than one purpose, that will grow with your child or that can be put to use in another room later on. Many of the modern cots convert into toddler beds and then even into divans. A chest of drawers can have a removable change table and a feeding chair can be used in other parts of the home if it starts as an attractive chair.

Keeping the nursery colour scheme and soft furnishing looking modern and edgy also means that the room will work well as your children grow to school age and beyond.


5. Optimise storage solutions

Keep the nursery looking clean and uncluttered by creating clever zones and storage solutions. A play zone on a rug with toy storage close by helps keep toys and bits and pieces under control. Open shelves make clean up for small children easy (it can also mean that toys can be pulled down more easily as well!). A clever dresser with a change table means nappies and clothing can be kept packed out of site adding to the clean modern appearance of the nursery.


6. Getting the décor and soft furnishing just right

We certainly love to mix and match, however having beautifully coordinated bed linen with soft sophisticated prints never goes out of style. Prints of simple line drawings or in a paired back modern colour palette compliment the modern look.

The right wall prints, rugs and soft furnishing will help add liveability to the perfect modern nursery.


7. Pick beautifully designed and crafted furniture

Modern design is all about attention to the function of the item and the carefully crafted nature of the item. Modern furniture is long lasting due to its quality and timeliness.

Much of the modern nursery furniture available works with a combination of white finishes and either a pale wood or a dark wood. The finish of wood can often be natural rather than highly polished. Simply gorgeous!


8. Sustainability and safe materials

Many environmentally conscious parents are interested in understanding that their furniture is made from sustainable materials. They are also interested in ensuring that the materials are as safe as possible for their new baby. It is surprising how many toddlers chew the side of the cot and therefore avoiding things like toxic paints are imperative.

Sustainability is also promoted given we are less likely to redecorate the room due to our child being unhappy with the blue elephants on the wall!


9. Create a room you and your child will love

The nursery is a popular place before and after the birth of your baby. There is nothing more enjoyable than showing off your new baby to family and friends in a nursery that you are proud of. It is gratifying to include special areas that make you happy.

It is equally important to think about how the room will work for your child as they grow. A successful design creates areas for imaginative play and leads to a general sense of cosiness for your child. There is nothing safer or more special than you own room.

Decorating you baby’s room should be fun and exciting. Modern design can create a clean and simple look that will link through to the rest of the house. Most importantly love the room you create and enjoy bringing your baby home and spending time with your baby in the space. Good luck!


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