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Modibodi Real Mums, Real Feedback

November 09, 2018
Modibodi Real Mums, Real Feedback

Period & inconvenience underwear are the new kid on the block as a sustainable solution to pads and tampons. Voted the #1 period underwear & incontinence underwear brand, we asked Tinitrader mums to give us the down low on the Modibodi sustainable movement!

With hidden superpowers, these underwear offer solutions from periods & discharge, light bladder leakage and weak pelvic floors​, perspiration and pong, and even pesky breastmilk leaks!

Is it time to ditch the tampons, liners, and pads and join the Modibodi Movement? We find out...




Let me just start by saying that leak proof undies aren’t gross like you think they might be, in fact I found them to be a better alternative to pads. I tried a pair of Modibodi maternity briefs with light-moderate absorbency to help assist with my light-moderate oh so fun bladder leakage towards the end of my second pregnancy. My first impression of the briefs is that they look and feel like regular underwear. There’s a little thicker material around the liner section of the undies, but nowhere near the bulk of a plastic liner, and no tell-tale crinkle sound that might signify a waterproof area (I was kind of imagining some sort of tarp like material to prevent leaks). The undies were plain black with a v-front to accommodate a growing bump, and very comfortable.

This was my first time trying leak proof underwear, and I was excited because I hate wearing undie liners or pads – especially in pregnancy! You finally don’t have a period for minimum of 9 months when you’re carrying a bub, and yet you are often graced with bladder leakage which means tampons wouldn’t do anything and pads are your only option to keep yourself feeling fresh… or changing regular undies multiple times a day. Ugh! As well as the appeal of not having to worry about sweaty or smelly pads (overshare I know but ladies you know what I’m talking about), I like the sustainability factor of leak-proof underwear.

In terms of leak-control, I couldn’t fault Modibodi undies.

There was no moisture outside the briefs, and even when I looked at the inside it was hard to tell if they were wet or not. No visible wetness or odour was present which was great. I wore the undies for a full night and day, from one shower to the next, and apart from them feeling a little heavier than before when I took them off, there was no discernible difference.

There’s not much negative feedback that I can give the product, I found it excellent for my needs and would be interested in trying the more absorbent options when I get my period again. The product came with some care instructions that included hand washing and soaking the product to clean them, which to be honest I probably won’t find the time to do. I’ll just put them in a dedicates bag and hope for the best! I would recommend anyone who is keen to try Modibodi to give the multipacks a go (the most cost effective option). Even though it seems steep to spend so much per garment (about $25-$30)

In the long run you’ll get your money’s worth… and do your bit to protect the planet from disposable sanitary products as well!



I received my Modibodi breast feeding singlet a couple of weeks ago and it has been a life saver.

Having never used any leak proof materials before, I had my doubts. However the lightweight material and good sizing worked well for my after baby milk breasts, that unfortunately grew to a huge I cup. I got the size d-g in a 12 and once my milk settled the sizing was perfect, plus it’s also a great length. It doesn’t have the padding that other singlets have, so the cups don’t stick out and look like an ill fitting bra, so you can wear it out without it being obvious you’re in breast feeding clothes. I’ve even worn mine out under a kimono and you couldn’t even tell it was a feeding singlet, this has become a staple in my breast feeding wardrobe and I couldn’t imagine this journey without it.

Washing has been easy, as it just requires a rinse in cold water and to be aired/sun dried. The clips are a bit more heavy duty compared to other nursing singlets I bought and I never knock them open like others.

I was sceptical of products like these, I thought there was no way in the world that they wouldn’t leak... oh how I was proven wrong!

To think that not only have I made my life easier with not having to use breast pads, I am also doing my part to help the environment and using reusable rather than throw away products.

I highly recommend this product to my family and friends and can’t wait to try other products in the range.



I had heard of Modibodi and their products a few times, even considered buying the maternity singlet before I gave birth this time. However, being the skeptic that I am, I held back.

After trying the singlet, I now think, why...didn’t I get one sooner!!

I have an oversupply and a large let down of milk (that continued for 9 months after my last baby). So I knew I would be in for the long haul of constantly wearing breast pads again this time. It’s so frustrating in the middle of the night when they fold in on themselves causing me to leak everywhere. Not to mention the cost to the environment. It is so freeing, to just wear the Modibodi singlet and not to have to worry about milk leaking everywhere.

I am also very impressed that, it doesn’t leak and I don’t smell like off milk. I am a true skeptic, turned believer. I wish I purchased the Modibodi singlet from the start instead of wasting my money on boxes of breast pads.

I will definitely be tell my new mum friends about this little gem of a product.



From first glance this looked just like any other breastfeeding singlet BUT, as soon as you touch it you will immediately notice how soft the bamboo jersey fabric really is. It feels lovely against the skin and is super comfortable to wear.

Now what I really liked about this singlet is that it does what is says its going to do and it absorbed my milk leakages and the odour that comes with it.

Usually when I remove my breast pads there is this sour milk smell but definitely no smell with this singlet. I've never used leak-proof apparel or underwear before because I'm hesitant that it works. However after wearing the Modibodi breastfeeding singlet for the last few weeks, I have nothing but praise for this product. I wore a t-shirt over the singlet and there were absolutely no leaks.

I tried this singlet because of its sustainability and I was curious. Before trailing this singlet I was using breast pads daily and now that I've come across such an amazing product it means I get do my part in helping reduce waste production and saving myself money! Previously I saw breast pads as a must have item but, not anymore. The other perk is that the singlet is super comfortable and there are times I wear this out, not just at home.

I would definitely recommend Modibodi to my friends and already have!

Such an amazing product that not only serves to absorb breast milk leakages, but is also comfy and can be worn either at home or out and about. I'd love to see this come in other colours, but for now, black is so versatile.




I have always only used pads or tampons and to be honest I was a bit sceptical with how the Modibodi underwear would go in comparison but I was very pleasantly surprised. Firstly, regardless of their function they look nice a nice pair of regular underwear. I showed my husband and he just assumed that they were just a nice standard pair of underwear. To look at they don't stand out as being different or unusual, and I quite liked the lace decoration on them as well. This means that they don't stand out when hung on the line as being 'different' and could be worn even without having your monthly's. Secondly they actually do their job very well in terms of the comfort level being the same as regular underwear but, also that I did not have any issues with leakage. I was concerned about being my first time using leak proof apparel and wore dark clothing as I thought that there may be leaking, which is the biggest fear during that time of the month.

I always try to make environmentally sustainable choices for myself and my family and this is a product this is supportive of this lifestyle.

It was also great to not have to worry about ensuring i had more pads/tampons too which was an extra bonus. I would recommend the Modibodi underwear to my friends purely for the fact that they were so comfortable. As this is a new approach to hygiene I think it will take a little whole for people to start considering it but i highly suggest that they do.


On opening my package I was pleasantly surprised at how soft the underwear felt and how small the “pad” part of the underwear was. I had been expecting a larger pad size piece of the underwear but the actual part was quite thin and soft. I decided to try the modi bodi just out of interest – to see if they worked!

The underwear itself is actually very pretty!

Lace at the top and a slight silky feel to it. Very comfortable to wear and what I liked best – it wasn’t warm and sweaty like even normal underwear can be like. I wore the underwear on a normal day (I can sometimes suffer from pelvic floor issues) and the modi bodi underwear coped perfectly and I actually felt cooler than wearing my usual underwear.

Period day arrives and I use a tampon with the modi bodi underwear at first just because this is all a bit new and I’m a bit nervous about using the modi bodi underwear on their own!! After the first tampon use I take the plunge and just use the modi bodi underwear. I like the softness of the underwear – I sometimes find pads can irritate my skin down there and this feels soft and gentle on that area.

I was very impressed with the modi bodi, they were easy to wash, coped well with my period and I would use again.



I was so excited to receive my package from Tinitrader to test out the Modibodi underwear! I’ve been wanting to try them for ages! I’ve been using cloth nappies since my first child was born 7 years ago and changing to reusable menstrual products just seemed like the next obvious choice. I have previously tried some homemade reusable menstrual products but, never found a product that was right for me.

I love feeling like I’m doing right by our environment by choosing reusable products over disposable and reducing our environmental waste.

First impressions were good! The quality and feel seemed great and not bulky where I’d fear it’d be noticeable underneath my clothing. The fabric was lovely, silky and comfortable.

Sizing I found to be a little on the small side. I was worried about the coverage across the back wouldn’t be ample enough but although they seemed high cut they never seemed to ride up my butt. I am generally a size 8–10 and ordered a 10 and they still seemed slightly small.

I think Modibodi would also be perfect for those Mumma’s or women needing confidence from any light bladder leakage during laughs, coughs and sneezes. They’d also be perfect for the little women in our lives who are getting their first periods and they are a little irregular and scary. I think they’d help them feel more confident and ease the anxiety of worry of embarrassment of not knowing when their next one will show or fear of any accidents and leaks.

I love that Modibodi has the option on the site to donate their underwear towards providing these reusable hygiene products to women in need. How lovely! Women supporting other women!

All in all I would speak positively of these products. It is a product I would recommend. I plan on giving the heavy absorbency style a try next.


I was initially sceptical, I am totally converted - the quality and comfort is outstanding!

I received the ‘full brief’ cut, and was pleasantly surprised at how flattering they were - confidence when you need it the most!

Fabric is light and supremely comfortable, and kept me feeling dry and fresh all day - totally alleviating any worry about leakage or ruining underwear.

I would definitely recommend, and will certainly be investing in more!



I have to say the material is amazing so soft and comfortable to wear barely feels like your wearing anything at all.

The style was great very good cut and didn’t dig in the places underwear normally does, also didn’t ride up or move at all really. During my actual period I found the Modibodi quite comfortable, I have to say that using them in 40 degree heat was an issue. They did have an odour which I could smell and it was not so pleasant washing them at the end of the day. Otherwise the holding of liquid was great, worked a treat and no overflow or spillage. I would recommend them to friends and family and definitely a choice to make for the love of the environment. Look forward to seeing where this range goes!

We hope you enjoyed these interviews. Whilst this is a sponsored blog post, the opinions expressed by the mums were in no way influenced by Modibodi or Tinitrader, and reflect genuine and honest feedback, and the women were not compensated for their reviews.

If you like the sound of Modibodi, then be sure and check out the Modibodi product range.

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