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Introducing Mohdoh - The play doh helping kids with a range of everyday issues!

March 19, 2015
Introducing Mohdoh - The play doh helping kids with a range of everyday issues!

The team at Tinitrader are so excited to bring you International award winner of the Best New Non-Food product in both 2010 and 2011 at the Natural and Organic Award - Mohdoh for Kidz.

A beautiful sensory product, this aromatherapy dough can aid children in rest and unwinding (no worries) calming down and de-stressing (chill out), assist in the releif of colds and flu (breathe), sleep issues (ZZZzzzzz), ease car sickness (travel time) and even help with study and concentration (on the ball).

How you may ask? I know I was intrigued.

Mohdoh for Kidz provides a fun and absorbing new way of delivering carefully selected blends of essential oils.

As the dough is kneaded, essential oils are not only vaporized and inhaled, but absorbed through the skin. The concentration of oils is carefully controlled to ensure that method is both safe and effective.

At the same time, the carefully selected colour of the dough will help to balance the energy centres that are out of harmony.

The synergistic effects of touch and smell can be very effective in treating a number of stress related complaints (as with massage) and the squidgy, tactile nature of the dough has in itself a soothing, calming effect.

The three therapeutic elements of method –aromatherapy, colour and play combine to form a powerful holistic therapy that really works.

There are six different dough’s available:


All Modoh is 100% non-toxic with all natural dyes and oils completely pure without any artificial fragrances.

Although Mohdoh for kids help kids in several ways- just the pure joy of using Mohdoh and engaging them in play is just pure bliss, that’s if the children can borrow it off you first!

Why not take advantage of free postage for this month and order your Mohdoh for child. You will be amazed to see the benefits all while knowing Modoh is safe and effective.

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