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Mountain Buggy Unirider Reviewed

Mountain Buggy Unirider Reviewed

The Unirider from Mountain Buggy is an innovative design blending the best parts of a pram, bike and toy to provide a unique riding experience for parents and children.

Who’s it for: Active parents who want to share the fun and play with their kids.

What we like: Lightweight, simple to put together and good learning tool for kids.

What we don’t: Only one colour.

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Mountain Buggy have been innovating since 1992 and with the help of a 'very clever dad' in the UK, their latest creation provides a 'unique riding experience for parent and child'.

The Unirider is part balance bike, part pram and part toy, all wrapped up in a neat little package that is as much fun for the adults as it is for the kids. The design centres around a single tyre and seat that enables parents to push children along without the weight or limitations of a pram.

Simon Langham is the clever UK dad who developed the Unirider, desperate to find a way of removing his 'meltdown' toddler from family adventures in an entertaining way. Plywood, a clothes rail, broom handle, a 'borrowed' wheel and a few prototypes later, the Unirider was born.

Mountain Buggy unirider TiniTrader 2017 playground

How it works

Uniriders design is brilliant in its simplicity, a 12" air inflated tyre, plastic seat and alloy extension is all there is to it. Once the wheel is spinning the ingenious design counter balances the weight of the child creating a stable platform.

Parents support and push the child via an alloy extension that provides great control. The Unirider is recommended for children aged 2-5 which matches up with the maximum 25kg weight limit. Weighing only 3kg, this is the perfect option for the quick trip down the street or to the playground and doesn't become a burden if your toddler decides they've had enough and you end up carrying it home.

The seat is long to cater for varying ages and sizes, and the foot rests are equally as accommodating with two platforms for toddlers to rest their feet. Parents will quickly notice children will opt for the forward foot position when they are enjoying a peaceful trip and the rear foot position when they want to go faster.

A great feature of the Unirider is the intuitive cornering action which mirrors the lean and turning of a traditional bike. Similar to a balance bike, the Unirider prompts the child to lean and move with the bike, or in this case the wheel, not against it.

Assembly is simple and can be completed by hand. At this stage the Unirider is only available in yellow and retails for $119 AU.

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Test ride

To put the Unirider through its paces we gave it to Adam (the token active dad) and his 2 and 1/2-year-old daughter Harriet who recently discovered (and fell in love with) scooters and balance bikes.

Harriet is usually a bit hesitant with new things, but not so with this. She jumped straight on and as we ran off up the hall there was a very loud, "weeeeeee!" "Perfect reaction", my wife commented.

Getting kids on the seat takes no encouragement or guidance, it's totally intuitive. Once the Unirider is moving it takes little effort to steer or push along. Walking is easy, jogging presents no issues and running with both hands is equally as simple.

Mountain Buggy suggests you 'can even jog with Unirider using only one hand', but this proved to be a little difficult purely because the handles are symmetrical and holding on to one side causes too much of an imbalance. A single handle or reconfigured grip could easily solve this issue given how stable it feels at speed.

It didn't take long to shift the balance bike and scooter from the top of the travelling toy hierarchy.

Navigating is easy and as mentioned above it doesn't take long for kids to start leaning into corners and driving for themselves. The 12" air inflated tyres handled all kinds of terrain with ease and provided enough cushioning regardless of bumps.

The Unirider is a great alternative to the pram for older kids and parents alike.

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