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Munchkin® Nappy Bin Review

June 29, 2015

Change time isn’t the most pleasant experience of motherhood. That’s where we introduce the amazing Munchkin® Nappy Bin, a revolutionary change time accessory!

Munchkin Nappy Bin Review 4

The Munchkin® Nappy Bag makes change time a breeze and pleasant experience. The bin has been designed with Mums in mind and for complete ease of use. With one hand movement, you can twist, trap and eliminate nappy odours. The bin’s foot pedal helps free up hands and leaves you in complete control.

munchkin nappy bin review 1

With its patented hygiene vent, the Nappy Bin is powered by natural bicarb soda. The bicarb soda system not only masks but neutralizes bad smells. The Nappy Bin is not only practical but will fit in with any nursery room being a subtle and stylish accessory, great for next generation Mums.

Munchkin Nappy Bin Review

The pack includes one nappy bag and one nappy bag refill. Each bag can hold up to 25 nappies. Refills are also available for purchase in packs of ten. Maintenance is no issue with topping up the bicarb soda all you have to do! The bin’s average running cost is just $3 a week, making the bin exceptional value for money.

Munchkin Nappy Bin Review 2

The bin makes for a great nursery room addition as well as being completely hygienic and convenient. Coming fully assembled, the bin can be used straight away with no fuss and will soon become a much loved nursery accessory.

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