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Meet Tammy & Carla | My Little Giggles

March 10, 2016
Meet Tammy & Carla | My Little Giggles

Meet Tammy and Carla from My Little Giggles and learn about the inspiration behind their innovative My Little Helpers Learning Tower

When Tammy’s daughter decided she wanted to start helping out in the kitchen, there was no stopping determined young Grace. However with limited bench space and the safety risks created by using a dining chair or everyday step ladder, Tammy decided to do some research into other options.

She found a safety stool that was exactly what Grace needed and from there the first My Little Giggles learning tower was created.

Although Grace’s original tower is now covered in avocado, Tammy and her business partner Carla, have developed the My Little Helpers Learning Tower, a child-friendly step ladder that helps elevate your child to bench or counter height.

dancing on chair

The My Little Giggles Learning Tower not only acts as a sturdy, safe kitchen step stool, designed to make household interactions and learning easier, safer and more fun but also offers your little one an opportunity to observe, participate and create around the house.

Created, designed and built in Tammy and Carla’s own living rooms the Little Helpers Learning Tower holds a maximum weight of up to 70kg, has front and side panels for toddler stability, two low steps that make it easy for even the most independent of children to step up and out of, as well as a removable back rail for added safety.

Being mums of two very independent girls themselves, the My Little Giggles girls know exactly what parents are looking for in a product and therefore ensure that the Little Helpers Learning Tower is lightweight, making it easily mobile around the house and (most importantly for mum) easy to clean.


All learning towers are homemade to order, using premium pine timber and non-toxic paint, with an expected turn around time of one to two weeks. Custom built towers, with different colours and sizes are available upon request.

With a love and passion for everything homemade, Tammy and Carla are now in the process of expanding their business with more exciting and wonderful products they can hand craft.

With the aim of giving their girls the best environment possible for learning and experiencing the world with wonder and joy, the girls want to create products that help children learn, promote creativity and let imaginations run wild.

working hard

The My Little Helper Learning Tower by My Little Giggles is the perfect learning enabler for children at home or any learning environment, providing your child with a secure environment to participate alongside the rest of the family and learn independence from a young age.

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