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My Little Tribe

September 11, 2015
My Little Tribe

The Tinitrader team were thrilled to come across My Little Tribe, a unique and inspiring photography studio based in Brighton, Victoria and Byron Bay, NSW.

Clare Murray is the owner and founder of My Little Tribe alongside her partner, Grant. Both Clare and Grant are pursuing their love of photography and art through their work at My Little Tribe.

My Little Tribe 1

We love their philosophy – “a desire to celebrate family life in all of its crazy splendour” which is definitely reflected in their work. The couple truly bring families to life in their amazing photos and create memories lasting a lifetime. We spoke with Clare to learn more about her amazing business and what keeps her busy outside work.

Tell us a bit about My Little Tribe. When did you start My Little Tribe?

My Little Tribe creates gorgeous images of you and your children that truly reflect your individuality. Our artwork aims to capture the fun and wonder of childhood; the laughter, the silliness, and the unique relationships between siblings and parents – with very little cheesiness…

We encourage our families to print and hang their photographs to enjoy rather than add them to the ever-growing number of digital files that we all possess. My Little Tribe began in 2011 when my second daughter two years old. Grant and I are the team behind My Little Tribe. We have a great dynamic together and it is invaluable to have us both photographing kids and families. It ensures that we never miss a thing and between the two of us, there are plenty of laughs and a great rapport with the whole family.

My Little Tribe 4

Tell us a bit about your background? Have you always been involved in photography?

I began my career working at a large commercial studio in Melbourne. We photographed everything from fashion, kids and the odd appliance here and there. I then opened Clare Murray Photography specialising in Wedding Photography. Kids arrived, so had a short break with my babies and opened My Little Tribe in 2011. Grant is a pure creative! He studied Graphic Design in Cape Town and then moved to London where he continued to pursue his love of travel, food and documentary photography. Australia beckoned and he moved to Byron Bay in 2008 where he began photographing editorial stories, weddings, and families. Grant has exhibited in Sydney and Byron Bay. We fell in love and he moved down to Melbourne to be with the girls and me. He is now my business and life partner.

What do you love most about your Business?

Living our dream as photographic artists and the flexibility of working our own hours…I can be with my daughters at any time, I’m lucky to be able to pick them up and drop them off at school every day. We believe we have the best job on the planet. Celebrating humanity in all of its various forms…all beautiful!

My Little Tribe 5

Where do you get your inspiration? What inspires you?

We are inspired by many different things every day. The families and children we photograph, local artists, fellow photographers, small business owners, along with my daughters’ unadulterated imagination and creativity.

Tell us a bit about your family

I have 2 little girls. Evie 8 and Gisele 5. Yes, both at school now and loving it. We are a true modern family…2 houses, four parents, a dog at each house…

Best thing about being a mum is..

Watching my girls grow into their skin and their completely different personalities.

How do you balance family and work?

With difficulty! I try to turn the computer off at 5pm (ahem..) and just be mum.

My Little Tribe 2

What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

So many! I love @mirandaskoczek a gorgeous Melbourne artist, @driftlab our friend’s store in Byron Bay…always making us want to hop on the plane and get back to the beach! @lovelittlebig kids fashion blog…Oh and @tinitrader obviously..:)

Where do you see yourself and My Little Tribe in ten years?

In ten years my daughter will be 18!!! Help! I hope to still be as available and present for my girls in their teens. We WILL have a property in Byron Bay and My Little Tribe will be still be true to its brand, natural, fun and celebrating family life through photography and the printed image.

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