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Nattou Octopus Reviews | Real Mums, Real Feedback

October 23, 2018
Nattou Octopus Reviews | Real Mums, Real Feedback

Review: Lapidou Octopus Soft Toy by Nattou, $19.95

Designed with the natural grasp reflex in mind | Super soft fabrics and plush padding

Bubs are given a myriad of soft toys from the moment their arrival is announced. However many end up dusty, in the back of the cupboard or mercilessly thrown out of a moving pram when the baby gets bored.

Nattou, a Belgian baby company, have designed a plush toy to last the distance. The Octopus is especially designed with the natural grasp reflex of newborn babies in mind. The tentacles of Octopus remind newborns of the umbilical cord and being in their mother's wombs, for a feeling of safety.

But we know all too well, however well-intentioned a toy's design is, a baby take's no mind of that. We invited Tinitrader mums to review the Lapidou Octopus over a 2 week period, and give us the low down on whether this is yet another toy for the op shop.

The takeaway? Mums loved the kind face and safe shape. Bubs loved the grippable tentacles and the huggable size.

Enjoy reading the honest reviews below from Tinitrader mums.

Rachel's Nattou Octopus Review
Rachel's Nattou Octopus Review

5 Months | NSW

Meet Waffles, yes, like Belgian waffles. Soft, and subtly coloured,

I wasn’t initially sure how my 5 month old would respond to him, but the texture in the tentacles sure obtained the salivary seal of approval from my son.

Easy for baby to grab a hold of, and weighted just right so that he can be held and carried, and yes, flung around a little, without the fear of causing injury to him. This would be a great baby shower gift, a brand new baby would love the feel of the tentacles just as much as my older baby. A well made, robust and gorgeous product, that goes everywhere with us. So easy to clean too.

by Mum Rachel @RachWaterson


Fletcher | 4 Months | QLD

As soon as I handed Fletcher his new pal, Ollie the Octopus I could see they would be best of buds. His easy to grab (and chew) tentacles makes the Nattou Octopus the perfect companion for our teething 6 month old. He is soft and fluffy and so nice for Fletcher to snuggle up to in the pram while hanging out at home.

The roped tentacles are not only great for little hands and sore gums, but also make for a fun tickling game and a great distraction for a squirmy baby during a nappy change.

We love our Nattou octopus!

by Mum Christine @chrissybat


Abel | 2y | NSW

I received our Nattou Octopus a couple of weeks ago and introduced it to my two year old son, Abel, straight away.

I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight! Abel took a liking to it straight away, cuddled with him for a couple of days, laughed with him and carried him throughout the house before making the final decision of naming him Apples. I asked where the name came from but I don’t think he knows…however, he insists on Apples. I even went to the extent of showing him an apple to ensure we were talking about the same thing and he confirmed that the new octopus’ name is Apples.

Since then, the two have grown closer and closer and on most days, Apples makes the cut as Abel’s nap-time sleep buddy. You should know that this is a very competitive slot as there are A LOT of other contenders in the running.

Apples is super soft, small enough to hold with one hand, but big enough to cuddle with. His tentacles make him easy to grip and walk with, without any risk of hurting the child should they fall on it and his friendly face is apparently very kissable!

I personally really like Apples and think he’s a great soft toy for a child of any age.

There aren’t any choking hazards, no sharp bits or ends, is really lovely to feel / hold, and they are super cute to look at too, while boasting a colour combination, excellent for either gender – a perfect addition to a gender neutral nursery.

I would absolutely recommend the Nattou Octopus to any of my friends that have or are having kids and I also think at its reasonable price point, it would make a great gift or Christmas stocking filler.

by Mum Angela @angieyalda


6 Months | VIC

Aside from being a lovely design to look at, the Nattou Octopus has been a winner with our 6 month old! The toy is very soft and the pink/white colour scheme goes well with our play area. She has found the arms easy to grab on to and is enjoying chewing on the corded arms.

I really like that she can manipulate this toy herself and finds comfort for her teething gums.

Because of its design, it is also safe for her age and I imagine easy to clean by popping in the washing machine when the time comes!

by Mum Emily


Indra | 7 Months | SA

We were lucky enough to be chosen to review the Nattou octopus and I can easily say that it was a total hit, my 7 month old daughter just loves it!

When I opened the parcel I couldn't believe how soft he was (we named him Olly) and he's super cute! Indi spends a lot of time trying to chew on his big round head and is obsessed with gnawing on his tentacles,

he's been great for teething.

I like that the tentacles have a little bit of structure to them without being stiff and they're the perfect size for her little hands to grab onto. I guess the only thing

I wish he had was a slight noise like a rattle or something in his head, however I do like the simplicity of him.

I would definitely buy a product from Nattou again knowing how lovely and soft the fabric is, he's been such a great snuggle companion for Indi, I'm secretly hoping that he'll be her fave cuddly! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to discover such a lovely toy, I'll definitely be gifting one to Indi's little cousin when he's born.

by Mum Felicity @figgypants


Zoe | 9 Months | NSW

My 9 month old daughter Zoe has had an absolute ball testing out the new Nattou octopus toy. Ollie, as we named her, very quickly became a firm favourite in our house for play at home and whilst out and about. We love that she is so beautiful and soft, and found the overall quality to be excellent! The braided octopus legs were perfect for grabbing, pulling and munching, and were the perfect size for little hands.

The fact that the legs are braided adds a welcome extra element of texture and interest.

And the soft plush body is just right for cuddling! We found the size of Ollie great too – perfect for popping in the nappy bag for playing on the go and keeping Zoe well entertained whilst shopping or when watching her sister play at the park.

We would definitely recommend this toy to parents of littlies. It is versatile, perfect for younger children to grab, pull and chew, but

also encourages imaginative play for older children (as we discovered with my four year old daughter Adelaide!).

The nattou octopus is a toy that will last for many years and is the perfect size for carting around for out and about.

by Mum Kerrin @kerrincurtis

Aiden | 3 Months | VIC

I was very excited upon the arrival of Nattou-Lapidou Octopus in the mail. My first impression of the plush toy was how soft and luxurious it feels. Its soft blue colour is beautiful and the face is the cutest. The expression on the plush makes you want to smile back! The light blue and navy on the legs as a contrast is very attractive.

My two older daughters are just as excited with the plush that they want to have the first cuddles with it!

They have since named it ‘Ollie the Octet’ for their brother (secretly I think the girls would like to have it for themselves).

My three month old son was quickly attracted to the smiley face of Ollie and responds with a huge smile and cue to greet it. He has an immediate connection and will turn his head towards Ollie when we bring the toy close to him.

The twisty tentacles are the perfect size for baby’s small hands to grab on and we are starting to see him playing with it.

We have been working on tummy time and my son is happy looking at Ollie’s smiley face – these sessions have been getting longer each time! Ollie is such a good size for bringing on outings and it fits easily in bags without taking up too much space. Overall I am very pleased with Nattou plush especially of its gorgeous design and high quality product. I will be including this as a baby shower or newborn gift for my friends. As for us, I will be looking out for more toys from this brand in future to add to our collection. lean too

by Mum Mandy

We hope you enjoyed these interviews. Whilst this is a sponsored blog post, the opinions expressed by the mums were in no way influenced by Nattou or Tinitrader, and reflect genuine and honest feedback, and the mums were not compensated for their reviews.

If you like the sound of the Nattou Octopus, then be sure and check out the Nattou product range.

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