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Nattou Rocker Reviews | Real Mums, Real Feedback

October 09, 2018
Nattou Rocker Reviews | Real Mums, Real Feedback

Review: Plush Rockers by Nattou, $159.95

10-36 Months | Safety belt and harness | Soft fabrics and plush padding |

Many parents speak of their nostalgia for wooden toys, a gentle and simple fun which doesn't involve screens or expensive gimmicks. Belgian brand Nattou has designed a wooden ride-on rocker which fulfils all of those qualities, and yet is built for a modern tot.

With 6 characters, Valentine the mouse, Toby the dog, Bibou the rabbit, Loulou the panda, Max the dog or Adele the elephant to pick from, you can choose a character your bub can love like a soft toy. Whether a baby or a toddler, little ones love the rocking sensation as much as they love the soft cuddly friends they'll make.

But do kids love these rockers as much as the adults do? We invited Tinitrader mums to review the rocker over a 2 week period, and give us the low down on whether an old school rocker is as fun for kids as it was for us.

The takeaway? Mums loved the safety belt and harness, and the easy packaging. Bubs loved the soft padding and fell in love with the characters (who wouldn't!).

Enjoy reading the honest reviews below from Tinitrader mums.

Lauren Nattour Rocker Review
Lauren Nattour Rocker Review

Harper | 2y | TAS

From first opening the box and examining the Nattou Adèle the Elephant rocker I was blown away with just how beautiful it was. The online photos are one thing but the product itself is stunning!

The rocker comes in a handy see-through zip bag with handles.

It is lighter than what you would expect, at around 5kg. Very easy to move, but heavy enough for it to be sturdy.

Adèle comes pre-assembled. This is a big plus for me, no screwing!! You unzip her from the bag, take of the packaging around the rocker legs and you are good to go.

My daughter was instantly drawn to Adèle. She squealed as soon as she saw her through the see-through bag and immediately wanted to test her out.

The seat is easy to climb into. My daughter is 2 years old and the seat area fitted her perfectly. She found it easy to push and rock holding onto the handles. The padded seat was soft, and she loved playing with Adèle’s ears.

The seat comes with an easy to clip seat-belt. I didn’t use this for my daughter as she was able to climb in and out with supervision, but if she was younger I would suggest using the belt.

We have had this gorgeous rocker for over a week now, and it’s been climbed in and out several times a day.

The fabric being so soft and light in in colour I was worried that it would get dirty easily. But it doesn’t, it is very easy to clean.

I use a baby-wipe or a make-up wipe to clean off any stains. You can’t see any marks and it looks as good as new.

I have floorboards and carpet and the rocker works on both surfaces. It’s a nice gentle rocking action as it’s weighted correctly. My daughter has not tipped it over and climbs in and out and rocks by-herself.

The Nattou rocker is high quality and would make a fantastic baby shower or baby-present. All the designs of the Nattou rockers are sweet, but I would say this elephant is so whimsical and pretty it’s my favourite.

by Mum Lauren @mrslaureneve

Angel's Nattou Rocker Review
Angel's Nattou Rocker Review

Lucas | 10 Months | VIC

It has beautiful pastel colours and it is incredibly well made! The quality of the product is definitely, what I like the most.

It is without a doubt a high quality product.

I am genuinely passionate about wooden and classical toys, for this reason, the rocker has become our favourite toy at our home. Friends and family, who have seen it, were also in love by the rocker. I also loved the fabric. It is soft and gentle to my baby’s skin.

I did not have to assemble anything, which is also a plus.

Since I became a mum my time has shrunk a lot, so I usually look for products that are going to help me somehow. The rocker arrived already all assembled making my life much easier.

It is not heavy either, being easy to move around. Lucas seems to enjoy pushing it. He loves being pushed while on the rocker too.

The rocker has a comfortable and secure seat for my baby, which helps me feel secure to leave him play by himself.

Lucas is extremely active so the belt is extremely important to his security.

He shows me when he is tired of playing, so it is easy to take it off as well. The belt is easy and practical to use.

Lucas loves to pull the elephant’s little hair and enjoys hugging and kissing the elephant too. He likes to grabs the elephant face. He also loves when I give him an extra push. He likes when I make the elephant sound whilst he is being rocked. On the first day, he did not know how to sit by himself on the rocker, but after a few minutes showing him how to do it, he mastered it. Now, he sits and gets out of it without help.

I would definitely recommend it. It is beautiful, great quality, and secure. The rocker is the perfect gift.

Reviewed by Mum Angel @angelmargitadams

Bianca's Nattou Rocker Review
Bianca's Nattou Rocker Review

Julie's Nattou Rocker Review
Julie's Nattou Rocker Review

Darcy & Gracie | 19 Months & 6 Months | VIC

I was very excited to get a Nattou Rocker – Max the Dog after seeing my friend’s child on hers. Upon receiving the rocker, I was really impressed with the care and attention to detail with the design and packaging.

The rocker comes in a thick plastic zip bag, which is handy when moving or storing it.

My children were curious about the new addition to the family. Gracie immediately crawled up to Max, whereas Darcy looked from afar. Me on the other hand, I was ecstatic, as I have always loved wooden toys. The amount of plastic toys that are scattered around my house is ridiculous, wooden toys are timeless and beautiful.

The soft and cuddly body is a special feature of this rocker.

Not only is this rocker adorable but also practical for little bodies who tend to knock into things. The safety belt was an additional bonus and one I hadn’t seen on a rocker previously. I like that I can easily adjust the belt for both of my children. There is also a wide selection of animals and colours to choose from, making it easy to personalise the rocker to your preference.

Every day Darcy likes to give Max a kiss. He is pretty timid so it usually takes him awhile to warm up to things but he liked this rocker straightaway. Gracie on the other hand loves rocking so much that I am scared she will fall off, luckily the belt keeps her safe.

I would definitely recommend the Nattou Rocker to other parents. The age children can use this rocker ranges from 10 months to three years, and the quality means it will actually last the whole time and can be passed on. I also think the pricing point is fair considering the high quality.

Reviewed by Mum Julie @julie.and.darcy

Batoul's Nattou Rocker Review
Batoul's Nattou Rocker Review

Zein | 2 1/2y | NSW

I was very excited to receive the Nattou rocker in the mail, as soon as it arrived it did not disappoint!

First thing I noticed was the packaging.

The Rocker came in a clear zip up reusable bag which is perfect when you need to store it away, this will help protect it from dust and bacteria. I was also impressed that there was no assembly required, unlike other rockers we have purchased and seen in the past.

The body is made using the softest fabric which is perfect for sensitive baby skin.

We received Toby the dog which comes in a gorgeous grey and baby blue colour. I love that the seat and back rest are both cushioned which provides extra comfort when Zein’s rocking away.

The base is made from real timber and is very sturdy. The safety belt is the perfect addition to the Nattou rocker, this will make sure both babies and toddlers are safe whilst having fun.

At first glance I thought it would be heavy but it is actually quite light. Zein (2.5 years old) was able to move the rocker around the room and get on and off with ease. I highly recommend the Nattou rocker! The quality is amazing and at only $159.95 it’s definitely a great investment for your little one that will grow with them.

Reviewed by Mum Batoul @batoulz

Anna's Nattou Rocker Review
Anna's Nattou Rocker Review

22 Months | NSW

The first feature I noticed on this rocker which I have not seen on others was the safety harness. This definitely appealed to me so thumbs up to Nattou for including this. This rocker is in a league of its own and I personally have not come across such a high quality, premium rocker before. There’s excellent padding and it is well cushioned not only on the seat and back but also on the side panels. Another thumbs up for the side panels, again, we can never be too careful with kids. The frame is made from what looks to be a timber frame so its very sturdy, unlike the lower market rockers where the wood feels very lightweight.

The arch of the rocker is just right. It’s enough for the child to enjoy but not pose as a risk.

Another thing I like is the back support helps the kids to sit upright with proper posture.

My 2 year old named the rocker Bear Bear. She absolutely loved it when she first saw it, she loves to give it a big hug before she rides it.

From what I’ve seen and experienced I would definitely recommend the Nattou Rocker to my friends. You cannot fault the quality and the Nattou team have put in a lot of thought and designed it in a way that is appealing to the child and parent. The product is one that can be passed down the family line.

My friends have visited with their kids and the kids all go home wanting one so good work Nattou!

Reviewed by Mum Anna @annalam8

Felicity's Nattou Rocker Review
Felicity's Nattou Rocker Review

Scarlet | 11 Months | VIC

From the minute we received our Nattou Rocker it has been hard to get my 11 month old daughter Scarlet away from it. As soon as we took it out of the box and protective cover and revealed to her that it was the pink mouse, she crawled right up to it, pulled herself up and was so keen to have a ride. She had used one of her friends' previously and giggled the entire time she was on, so we knew she would love it.

The plush fabric is so great for little hands, the texture is a sensory bonus for infants to learn and discover,

As were the floppy ears and little button nose. She loved the colour, and even gives it cuddles when shes not on it. As she got more confident using it she would even bring other toys along for the ride, her favourite one to bring was her maraca as it would make noise as she rocked herself around.

As a parent the lock in waist belt and handle bars are so important to me for her safety, and the feet rests are a huge bonus.

As Scarlet isn't quite walking confidently yet, they really help her balance and steady herself as she rocks back and forth.

The enclosed chair seat is also great for peace of mind, as I know she won’t slip off, fall or hurt herself.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone searching for a rocker for their child or as a gift, it is such great quality and with so many safety features that other rockers don’t have, you know your child is in great hands while using it. Plus with a huge range of characters to choose from, you know you’ll find one that every child would love.

Reviewed by Mum Felicity @felicityamy


Poppie | 21 Months | NSW

Recently the Nattou Rocker was delivered to our address and we were immediately impressed. Packed in a neat and reusable carry case, we unzipped our new Panda friend and introduced her to our daughter; 21 month old Poppie.

We chose the lovely Panda design as it works well with our grey and wooden living room styling ... we love fun and bright kids toys as much as the next family, but

when it comes to furniture based pieces we prefer things that fit in nicely instead of turning our apartment in to a daycare centre.

So stylistically she’s a winner, but would Poppie like it too, and the answer is yes!!

She found the seat easy to climb in and out of with the aid of the little foot rest, and we greatly appreciated the safety harness provided. Especially great for a smaller child who needs a bit more help staying in one spot. We also really love the design of the seat area - with a super padded and soft seat, and built up sides, you can be sure the little munchkins aren’t going to fall off the sides once the rocking begins.

Poppie loves sitting on her Panda for a bit of a ride, as well as her own little chair when there’s lots of people in the lounge room taking up all the big chairs. Overall it’s a really sweet addition to our place and we would definitely recommend to others,

I love that it’s got a timeless look that we can keep for a long time to come and enjoy with children of various ages in the future.

Reviewed by Mum Alex

We hope you enjoyed these interviews. Whilst this is a sponsored blog post, the opinions expressed by the mums were in no way influenced by Nattou or Tinitrader, and reflect genuine and honest feedback, and the mums were not compensated for their reviews.

If you like the sound of the Nattou rocker, then be sure and check out the Nattou product range.

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