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Nattou Play Mat Reviews | Real Mums, Real Feedback

October 23, 2018
Nattou Play Mat Reviews | Real Mums, Real Feedback

Review: Loulou, Lea & Hippolyte Play Mat by Nattou $139.95

Designed in Belgium, 25 different activities, thick and soft mat suitable for hard floors

As parents, we want beautiful, quality and safe toys for our little ones. Nattou, a Belgium brand, has a beautiful range of toys available in many collections & products.

One of their products, the Loulou, Lea & Hippolyte Play Mat, caught our eye! It is a beautiful quality embroidered thick plush activity centre, supporting 25 different activities.

We thought we would put this product to the test. Tinitrader mums applied to review the play mat for a 2 week period and gave back their honest opinions.

Enjoy reading the honest reviews below from Tinitrader mums.


Oscar| 7 Weeks | QLD

So soft! This play mat is seriously soft and padded, which is perfect for wooden or tiled floors especially in the cooler weather.

We were really excited to receive this and tried it out straight away. It was simple to put together (even a dad who refuses to read the instructions will have no dramas here) and the style and colour is modern and neutral. Style and colour is important as it’s an item that we have out in our living room and use it a lot during the day so bright garish baby toys don’t do it for me. I also found that Oscar seemed to be getting less overstimulated using this play mat while still being engaged and interested in it.

It’s easy to move around the house so you can keep bub entertained while keeping them close so you can get things done. I also put it up on our table so I could get down to eye level with him easier during tummy time.

More importantly Oscar loved this play mat.

I moved him to different parts each time we used it so he was always discovering new things. His favourite was the teddy rattle hanging in the middle which is removable and easy to wash if your big brother gets hold of it.

In fact the hardest task I’ve had since unpacking this has been keeping his toddler aged brother from climbing on top of him while he also explores it and shows Oscar all the different toys on it.

It’s been a great way for them to interact with each other.

Some things are still out of reach or he’s not yet at the developmental level to use them, however, as Oscar grows and develops I’m sure he’ll keep exploring and use all the different features.

Oscar also has a tendency to spew every now and again but this play mat held up well to being cleaned.

The price point is higher than the other similar items we have already but after trialling it, it’s definitely evident that it’s great quality.

In my opinion if possible it’s worth spending the money on such a quality item that will last longer than cheaper alternatives. If you have a registry this is a great item to add to it.

Overall we loved this product and have really enjoyed using it.

by Mum Sarah @sarahdidthis


My son, Emmett, LOVES his Nattou playmat! It is unbelievably soft and the base is lovely and thick, which makes it ideal for our hard wooden floorboards. It’s been the perfect support for him as he learns to roll over, cushioning his cute (gigantic) head from sudden knocks on the floor.

There are so many hidden gems - squeaky buttons in the mat, sensory surprises in all the hanging toys and heaps of pulls and tags for him to explore with his hands and feet.

He especially loves the detachable panda rattle, which has quickly become his favourite toy to take when out and about. The small mirror has helped us stick with tummy time - something he wasn’t that keen on, initially.

My little trooper has Cystic Fibrosis, which means I have to be really particular about cleaning anything he uses. I can throw this mat in the washing machine! Life saver.

Unlike other products we’ve used, the quality and softness of the material wasn’t affected by a cycle. It came out as soft as when I first unpackaged it. I love how simple it was to put together. Of all the baby items that required assembly - this is the first that didn’t require a degree in physics and a shot of whiskey. The clips snap easily into place and the whole thing folds together quickly and neatly when he’s finished playing.

I’m super impressed with the quality of the plastic case it came in, which is ideal for longer-term storage. We’ll be able to keep this in perfect condition for another baby once Emmett is too big for it. The case also has a carry handle, so we’ve been able to easily take it to hospital for some familiarity, fun and comfort during his stays. I would absolutely recommend this product to other families - I wish I’d had it from when Emmett was a newborn as the size and colour palette are ideal for younger bubs.

by Mum Caitlin @caitlinhystedadams

Kirsty's Nattou Review
Kirsty's Nattou Review

Iyla | 11 weeks | QLD

Where do I begin with the Nattou play mat! My Daughter Iyla is 11 weeks old and is notorious for not sleeping during the day, she has her father’s energy and demands to be entertained and stimulated. Previously I have had to resort to carrying her around in her baby carrier all day just so I can clean or eat without her crying. The day I received the Nattou product was nothing short of a great day! I got to eat at a steady pace without my daughter wanting to be entertained and she even had a nap!

The cute and plush toys overhanging had my daughter mesmerized and if she started to stir, I just had to jingle or scrunch the toys and she instantly settled.

The soft fabric and added padding for comfort allowed my daughter to have a nap during day time hours and also meant whilst she was playing I didn’t have to worry about her hitting her head too hard on harder surfaces.

Iyla loves her tummy time and I find the multiple tabs encourage her to use her arms and try and reach out. If I had to say one bad thing about the product is that would have loved if one of the tabs on the mat itself scrunched so as to allow her to grab and get a noise reaction (just whilst she is too small to reach the overhanging toys). Setting up takes less than a minute and is literally a matter of clicking in 4 buckles, meaning it will be a breeze to clean for all those spit-ups, drooling or god forbid the poo explosion. The size also means it is super easy and convenient to store, I could not recommend this product enough and have already recommended to my mummy friends,

Iyla definitely gives 5 stars for this beautiful product!

by Mum Kirsty @kirstyscam

Katie's Nattou Review
Katie's Nattou Review

Zoe | 7 months | VIC

Upon opening the play mat, the first thing I noticed was the soft and beautiful material. The padded base meant that it was comfortable on both carpet or our floorboards and the easy clips meant that it was set up in under 30 seconds. I love the neutral colour scheme making it a perfect gift for boys, girls or someone who is having a gender surprise!

My daughter has just started sitting and crawling, so the activities at different heights was great to engage and stimulate her as well as working on her coordination for reaching and grasping. The first toy she went for was the bear in the middle, which detaches. The bell inside it made for a fun rattle that could also attach to her hands and feet when she is kicking and playing.

What makes this play mat different is the wide range of activities not only hanging from the crossover, but also the many tags, textures, mirrors and squeakers on the mat itself.

The Nattou play mat is an activity centre that’s not just targeted for the first 6 months, but also provides activities as your child grows. Personally I have found it to be a lifesaver when it comes to nappy times. Having a very active baby, the Nattou play mat allows distraction and play time while completing the difficult task of nappy changing on a wriggler!

The Nattou play mat would look great in any home. Its subtle colours and pretty set up, paired with its beautiful soft fabric would make any baby lucky to have it. The variety of activities allows it to target different milestones as your baby grows from tracking, to grasping and sitting.

I would highly recommend the Nattou play mat for anyone who is considering purchasing a play mat that is comfortable, looks great and stimulates and engages your baby.

by Mum Katie @katiegillies

Sarah's Nattou Review
Sarah's Nattou Review

Joseph | 5 Months | VIC

We absolutely love this Nattou play mat!

When I unboxed it, my first words were “Oh, look how beautiful it is!” The fabric is soft and the colours are divine. As soon as you see it in person you can tell this is the most amazing play mat you've ever come across. Plus it's super cute!

My 6 month old Joseph was so fascinated with all different activities this mat provides. His favourites are the round mirrors, one in the base and one hanging from the arches, and also the soft braids of fabric on the mat which quickly find their way into his mouth.

The quality of the play mat is excellent. It's made of a soft velour fabric on top which is easy to clean (multiple spills have been wiped off already) and

I love how the whole base can be put through the wash as needed.

The arches are made from a very dense but lightweight foam so they stand well but at the same time the whole mat is very light and easy to move around.

The mat itself is quite thick and cushioned, making the whole thing a very plush and luxurious experience. The stitching is neat and sound at every point, no holes or unfinished threads. On the whole it is very safe for a baby and I'm quite happy to leave Joe playing on it as I'm not worried about any parts coming loose or breaking.

I love how easy it is to set up as well. Just pull it out of the bag and clip the arches in and voila! You're all ready for hours of fun.

This play mat would certainly be something I'd consider spending the money on as I find we use it almost daily. (It's good for giving mum a break as well as helping bub learn and develop!) I can't fault it at all; it's just a beautiful product that I'd recommend to anyone.

by Mum Sarah @sark8t


Carley | 5 Months | VIC

The Nattou activity play mat is so loveable! The soft crushed velvet material is so plush & and the mat is generously thick. Not only does it look adorable , it feels gorgeous & has loads of sensory activities for bubs. The neutral colours make it perfect for all babies. Everyone comments about of beautiful it is.

My baby girl has been playing on it since she was four months old. It's perfect for both laying back and tummy time as every corner has a different sensory area for her to discover. Since she has been able to grasp toys her favourite has been the knotted material tags, bear ears and she really loves the thick plaited material!

Tummy time now equals lots of dribble patches but the material is so easy to wipe clean, and it dries really quickly too.

Incredibly easy to assemble with the canopy arches that securely buckle to each corner. I actually pick it up, pop it over my shoulder like a handbag and transport it from room to room. It's been out and about with us too.

It easily folds back into its packaging bag & fits under my pram.

It has been great to take to the park or when visiting family & friends. I much prefer taking this knowing that she has comfort regardless of the floor surface from where we are.

The only challenging feature of this design is the height of the dangling toys.

They are way too high for her to reach & interact with so she loses interest quickly now when on her back. Luckily the Panda detaches so I frequently take that off so she can keep her hands busy. Sometime I also unclip the arches and lay them down around the edge of the mat so she can look at them when on her tummy. I've also found that positioning her diagonally on the mat to work a treat so that her very active little legs actually kick the arches and move/rattle the toys. Overall a great activity mat that has & will continue to get lots of use.

by Mum Karley @mamacita.karley


Ziggy | 2 Months | NSW

Can I just begin by saying that my home thanks Nattou for this neutral and subtle toned play mat that sits quietly in the corner of the room, instead of yelling out at you in the usual obnoxious primary colours of pre-school toys. It is neat and stylish and blends peacefully into any room it's placed (which by the way can be anywhere, as it's so easily transportable).

Now can we talk about how unbelievably soft and squishy this mat is!? It feels so luxurious to touch, with a deceptive amount of padding. You'll want to spend a moment lying under there just to experience it too, trust me.

I even feel comfortable lying it down on my hard wooden floor without any worries of bumped heads.

As well as it's ultra plush comfort, it has the added bonus of an extra cushioned little pillow built in to further avoid any potential bruises.

Nattou has loaded this mat with 25 different activities, including charming little characters, chords to pull (chew), rattles, mirrors to coo over and squeakers to discover. There is enough to explore on this mat to even get my notoriously lazy little girl moving. She's particularly drawn to the dangling panda, which captures her attention long enough to let me get dinner prepped. It has even won the approval of my 3 year old, who likes to lie under it with his sister and describe to her all it's little bits and pieces.

Whilst we've been lucky enough to avoid any major spills since owning this mat,

the detachable arches would make it a breeze to wash, and for any minor mishaps the surface is easily wipeable.

Overall, this has been a great product to have in the house and I couldn't recommend it enough as a little piece of luxury and safe spot for your precious bundles to rest and play.

by Mum Hayley


Mila | SA

I am very thankful that I got sent this Playmat as it was very useful when I just needed a spot to place her when she wanted to watch the TV or when I needed to finish some quick jobs around the house.

The Nattou Playmat product was perfect to place my beautiful little girl on as I was cleaning the house etc, she was able to spend time pulling the toys, looking at herself in the little mirror enjoying seeing her reflection, and rubbing her legs along the soft mat it all seemed extremely enjoyable for her. I loved how it was a soft material and I felt as if it was very safe to place her on.

Mila is not using many words as of yet but seemed to enjoy laughing etc when she was spending the time on the mat. It feels so soft similar- to the throw rug in her bedroom. I love it as she enjoyed rubbing her skin against it, she has fallen asleep a couple of times on the mat and that would come down to the soft and warm material you have created the Playmat to be.

I loved how part of the mat is raised to help with tummy time.

I would definitely recommend the Nattou Playmat to my friends with new born babies as Mila enjoyed spending time on it and placing with the toys attracted to it. Mila really enjoys seeing her reflection so I love how a little mirror is attracted, I feel as if a lot of newborns love seeing their reflection as they are still getting used to what they look like.

I would only recommend possibly making the mat a bit bigger for when the babies grow.

by Mum Maddy @maddy.kells

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If you like the sound of the Nattou play mat, then be sure and check out the Nattou product range.

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