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New Tutu Du Monde 'The Secret Garden' Collection

September 12, 2017
New Tutu Du Monde 'The Secret Garden' Collection

You're invited to join us on an adventure behind the walls of Tutu Du Monde's Secret Garden to discover the rare and most beautiful of all.


It is this time of year again, Tutu Du Monde has just launched their new season collection called ‘Secret Garden’.

The inspiration for this collection originated in my childhood; I was an avid reader when I was little (something I found important to pass on to my own daughter who now also loves books), some of my favourite stories (and surely I’m not alone here) were those fantasy tales of escapes to secret worlds through a portal, be a mirror or hidden door. From this we spun up the ‘Secret Garden’.

Girls in their whimsical tutu dresses disappearing into a hidden universe devoid of adults. The collection was photographed in Pasadena, Tutu Du Monde found an old Victorian mansion full of treasure and with expansive gardens which perfectly captured the elegant brand.

Ivy creeped up the walls of the living room, gardens were bustling with remnants of columns, benches and beautiful trees.