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New Year, New Room

December 01, 2016
New Year, New Room

Is your child’s room in need of a desperate makeover yet you are shuddering at just the thought of the time and money involved? Fair enough! Re-doing your child’s room can be a daunting (and if you’re not careful expensive) ordeal.

But with the New Year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give your little one’s room a refresh! With the kids off school and many offices shut across the holiday period, it is a great opportunity to get the whole family together for a fun summer project.

From small, simple tweaks to a complete bedroom transformation, here are some stylish, yet inexpensive ways to give your child’s room a fresh new look for the new year!

Choose your wall colour carefully

Kids’ rooms are a great place to have some fun with colour! But while children love to have bright, bold and uniquely coloured rooms, opting for a more subtle wall colour will help the room grow with your child. If you don’t want to repaint every time your child changes their favourite colour or as they grow up, choose neutral colours for the walls then jazz up the room with colourful furniture, décor, wall art and stickers!


Invest in furniture that will last

Sure, a race car bed may be great for a 7 year old, but give it a few years and it will be time to buy a new bed! If you are looking to create a flexible bedroom that will grow with your child, do not fill the room with kid-sized furniture and instead chose an option that has staying power.

Choose multifunctional furniture

Quality, multifunctional décor is a must when creating a room that will grow with your child. Instead of just opting for a regular change table, consider a desk or dresser that can be fitted with a padded changing mat. When it comes to choosing a bed, look for one that has built-in storage underneath. Not only will investing in double-duty furniture save you some money, but can also offer you some space saving solutions as well.

Add personality with accessories

Of course, your child’s bedroom should let their personality shine through! Accessories are a great way to refresh the bedroom regularly without breaking the bank. Things like posters, wallpaper, rugs, toys, ornaments and bed linen can be changed easily and inexpensively as your child’s interests change. Likewise, the addition of a cute canopy can transform your little one’s bedroom into a whimsical wonderland in an instant! We particularly love the gorgeous and affordable kids canopies from Freddie and Ava.

lasting furniture

Keep your child involved

Your child’s bedroom is the place they will probably be spending most of their time, so it is important that they are part of the planning. Ask them for ideas and allow them to be creative and express their own personality by choosing some of the décor, furniture and colours. Keep in mind, the better your child feels about their room, the more likely they will take care of it in the long run (who knows, they may even keep it clean).

pom pom blanket

And don’t forget, Christmas is just around the corner

If your little one is keen on a bedroom makeover, new furniture, bedding and décor make for great Christmas present ideas!

Offering a beautiful, high quality range of nursery décor ideas, rugs and whimsical kids canopies, Toni from Freddie & Ava knows a thing or two about transforming children’s spaces. We were lucky enough to have Toni answer a few questions on the do’s and dont’s when it comes to re-decorating.

1. What's your favorite decor product that makes a great impact in a kids room?

My favourite kid's décor product right now is bold, vintage wallpaper! The Mr Perswall Blossom wallpaper is the most beautiful vintage floral wallpaper, I would style my daughter's entire room around this wallpaper as its so beautiful. I also love The Mrs Mighetto range of wallpaper! The quirky gender neutral wallpaper with a vintage circus feel, so much fun!

new year k

2. What colours do you love using when putting together a room?

Right now I for girls rooms I am loving using blush, dusty pinks, tones of grey, white and a touch of gold, a very classy, elegant look. For boy’s rooms it's all about natural timber, greys, white and some touches of black.

3. Biggest no no when it comes to re-decorating?

Paint! I have made this mistake! You find a stunning colour that you absolutely love, paint your child's entire room (huge job!) then 6 months down the track you are buying a new bed, new décor, a rug etc and you realise how limited you are due to the colour of the bedroom. Bold wall colours will always limit you to one style and trends come and go pretty quickly, I highly recommend painting walls white or a very muted colour that way you can create any style you'd like.

canopy peach style

4. Tell us a little about Freddie & Ava

Freddie & Ava started in August 2015 with mainly clothing but we now focus on our crochet handmade rugs and Kid's Play Canopies. I have particular styling when it comes to children's clothing and I found buying clothes and décor for my kids very difficult. I’m not a fan of generic pinks and blues or dump trucks and princesses. I was browsing Facebook and one page caught my interest, all the décor was exactly what I loved and had envisioned for my kids! Then it hit me: 'I can do this!' I had so many ideas so I just went for it! Our handmade crochet rugs are of extremely high quality and detail. They are sourced from Asia where ladies work in fantastic conditions to hand make every one of these beautiful designs. Our Canopies are 100% designed by Freddie & Ava and made using high quality materials to give your child a unique, magical hideaway We have such care and love for all of our products, I hope that you love them too!!

pebble design rug

5. What interior trends do you think 2017 will hold?

I think that really bold, retro colours are coming! Pops of Navy, Maroon, Mustard and Darker Greys with vintage aeroplanes and cars. For the girls I think that a darker dusty pink will be a key colour with very elegant, classy styling.

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