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New Year's Resolutions - The quest to be the perfect Mum!

January 06, 2015
New Year's Resolutions - The quest to be the perfect Mum!

If you are anything like me, you started compiling a list of resolutions on New Year's Eve.

I hadn't really given resolutions much thought before attending a New Year's Eve party and only after being asked numerous times what I wanted to achieve in the new year. The resolutions of my fellow party goers ranged from self improvement to being a better parent. Most people were on a journey to a thinner, fitter, healthier and more patient self (or at least this was the ambition). The resolutions covered the usual stuff; lose weight, read more with the kids, make time for my husband etc.

I was most interested in the resolutions around being a better parent. I started to compile a list in my mind about how I could improve. I had a blissful vision of a domestic goddess who was endlessly patient, caring and who prepared home cooked wholesome meals.

The trouble is that this is really not me. I love my kids and want the best for them, however I regularly lose my temper, raise my voice, forget to fill out the reader book and often order takeaway.

New Year’s resolutions can be energising and motivating, but they can also lead you to beat yourself up. And when you don’t keep your resolutions (yet again), you can feel completely defeated.

So instead of focusing on my shortcomings, I have decided to embrace the positives about myself and my family. We love to sing and dance to the latest pop music - we will do more of that. We love to bake and make a huge mess in the kitchen - we will keep making a mess. We love to eat out and are on the search for the perfect Margherita Pizza - we will do more searching.

We are far from the perfect family and I am definitely far from the perfect Mum, however we have fun most of the time. Embracing our flawed life and finding some satisfaction in being happy most of the time is perhaps the best quest for the new year!