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Nixeycles PUP Balance Bike Review

May 01, 2017
Nixeycles PUP Balance Bike Review

Balance bikes are designed for parents to provide the gift of balancing, steering and leaning on two-wheels to their toddlers (between 18 months and 5 years old).

The NIXEYCLES PUP balance bike has an integrated foot rest encouraging the child to balance, quick release height adjustable handle bars and seat.

The PUP also features knobby hand grips ends to protect your child’s hands running into such things as walls and trees, yet also offers protection when they accidentally fall.

The wheels, saddle and handlebars are adjustable to suit your child’s height, comfort and ability to balance and stay safely upright.

PUP balance bikes are fitted with puncture-proof honeycomb EVA tyres for comfort and uses a steel frame for durability.

The geometry of the frame was designed to allow maximum range of adjustment of saddle height.

An added feature are the integrated foot rests, these facilitate balancing on two wheels without relying on your child’s feet touching the ground.

Once your child has developed confidence and skill in balancing, they can progress a lot easier to bicycles with chain and pedals.

At $48 including delivery the gift of balance, leaning and steering is a must for all parents.