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Nordic Nursery | Get The Look

September 08, 2017
Nordic Nursery | Get The Look

We adore how Mare has styled her son Oliver's nursery! It has a fresh, adventurous, nordic feel which is so on trend.

Enjoy reading the interview and browsing Oliver's room below. Be sure to follow her on Instagram at @mrayka !


How would you describe Oliver's nursery in 3 words?

Woodland, Scandi and Neutral

Which piece did you choose to invest in the most and why?

Oliver is my third child and every child before him I always wanted the birch tree wallpaper but between moving houses and living with my in laws it never happened, until .... we finally moved into our own home and found out I was pregnant with my third. I then told my husband there were no ifs or buts about it, I was getting this wallpaper even if it meant that it was going to be the only thing in the nursery.

We love the wallpaper! What attracted you to the design?

It has such a neutral feel about it. I felt this wallpaper is for all ages and believed it was the kind of wallpaper that could last the test of time in the nursery. I wanted something that as Oliver grew older that it would accommodate the changes from a nursery into a toddler room and so on.

You are planning to change up Oliver's bedroom in a couple of months! Which pieces are you on the hunt for?

I have so many ideas in mind with things I have seen through Instagram and Pinterest, which makes the decisions so much harder to make on exactly what I want to do.

I do love the house bed and think it would compliment the wallpaper so much. I think some woodland style prints and decor would also go so well in his room. I would love to add a distinctive pop of colour but I haven't quite decided on what colour would suit. Some ideas were green or mustard.

What are your favourite accounts to follow for inspiration?

At the moment there are so many to love! So many awesome people out there that are so talented and can take such amazing photos of rooms and products. Some of my favourites for inspiration are @houseofharvee @thestables @_honeypunch plus so many more!

But my absolute favourite for inspiration and products is @designtwins, I could live in their stores forever or just in their Instagram account will do me fine too!