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The Nuna IVVI Pram Review

October 09, 2015
The Nuna IVVI Pram Review

Tinitrader was lucky enough to review the Nuna IVVI pram, Nuna's latest multimode stroller that brings together functionality and style through innovative design like never seen before.


The Nuna IVVIis designed to grow with your child and is perfect from newborn stage all the way through to 3+ years.

All Nuna products are made using high end and durable materials. The IVVI pram is well designed and is simple to use right from setup. You simply pop it out the box, click on the all-terrain wheels and you’re good to go. The pram design also makes changing from forward to rear facing super simple, it just clips out and you turn it round and slot it back in.

Some of the features to point out are the ease of use, the ultra padded seat and the smooth push. The extra little bits and pieces make it a great everyday option – the large, zip out hood, the large shopping basket and the easily adjustable strap height make it a pram you could easily use day in day out.

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  • Type: 4 Wheel pram, Single

  • Suitable for: Birth to 18kg

  • Unfolded Dims: 108.5cm x 65cm x 103.5cm

  • Folded Dims: 77cm x 47.5cm x 65cm (without seat)

  • Weight (Chassis with seat): 16.4kg

Seat system

If you are looking for a comfortable option, then the Nuna IVVI certainly offers that. The unique Oeko-Tex fabric offers a plush and padded seating area. There is plenty of foot room with the adjustable calf rest dropping down in line with the footplate.

The recline itself is ever so simple to use – a one handed squeeze lever that then allows you to drop or lift the seat into one of the 5 available recline positions, from totally flat to very upright.

The seat unit can be rear or forward facing. There is also the carrycot that can be purchased separately.

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Harness system

The pram has a three or five point anti-loop, no re-thread harness-featuring quick click release button-provides ultimate safety.

Bumper bar

The pram has a removable bumper bar.


The Nuna IVVI has an extendable canopy with flip out eyeshade bringing shade to a whole new level.

There is also a ‘peek-a-boo’ window at the back, allowing you to check on your sleeping baby. This, like everything else, has been well considered and is held in place easily with discrete magnets.


The IVVI has a single, height adjustable push bar making one-hand-pushing for diferent height parents simple.

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Basket size and capacity

The shopping basket is huge - perfect for when out and about. The storage basket’s flip-up compartment divider keeps all your bits and pieces in order.

The storage compartment offers great storage that is secure enough for holding a handbag and purse.


The wheels are suitable for city v all terrain and are lockable. The wheels have the suspension expected in this style of pram.

The tires are tough, foam filled and airless tires allowing this pram to go off road with ease. The quick release wheels make for an even more compact fold.

Progressive suspension technology absorbs all bumps for smooth ride and the rear wheel, one-touch braking system is strong and responsive.

What you get as standard with the pram

The rain cover and infant car seat adapters (fit the Nuna PIPA™ group 0+ car seat and Maxi-Cosi®) are included with purchase.

Fold and weight

The Nuna IVVI’s folding mechanism, like all the other adjustments, feels crisp and precise. The pram can be folded with or without the seat attached.

The Nuna IVVI stands safely on its own when folded. The built-in carry handle allows folded IVVI to be trolleyed behind.

To unfold the buggy, you just pull the handle towards you and flip it open. You can also remove the airless tyres at the click of a button.

This is not a lightweight pram at 16.4kgs. If you don’t intend to regularly lift it in and out of the car or lifting onto buses and trains, then it won’t be an issue. The pram doesn’t feel heavy when you are pushing it. If you are looking for something easy to pop in and out of the boot, it might not be for you.

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Travel system

The pram is travel system compatible.

Wrap up

As with the entire Nuna range, the Nuna IVVI has been thoughtfully designed. It’s a pleasure to push in spacious areas and is perfect for the great outdoors. The pram will last from birth through to 3 or 4 years of age.

When pushing, the Nuna IVVI feels light as a feather. There really is no effort involved in this smooth, sleek ride. It turns effortlessly and the weight feels very evenly distributed across all 4 wheels.

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