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Room Reveal 3 with Simone Haag & Leander

May 11, 2015

We were thrilled to have Simone Haag on board for our most recent #TTStyleSeries event with Leander.

The gorgeous Simone is an Interior Stylist and has worked on an impressive list of beautiful projects for interiors magazines and brands.

You might recognize Simone’s beautiful Mid Century home as it has been featured in many of our favourite blogs.


Simone is married to Rhys and has a gorgeous little girl, Goldie. We love the name! Her second child (or really perhaps her first) is a Great Dane X Irish Wolfhound named Tank.

Simone gave us some insight into her inspiration and how started in the world of Interior Styling.

Cot   beanbag

1. Where do you get your inspiration from - what sort of people do you follow on instagram?

My most treasured inspiration comes from Danish magazine 'Rum'. I can't understand a word of it - and when I see something I love it usually involves copious amounts of google translate to source the beautiful items they feature.

2. Creatively, is there a particular theme you keep returning to or do you change based on your surroundings and product used?

I like items that have tactility such as a hide or a throw, a soft palette - usually grey and things that have an interesting story.

Change table full

3. Tell us your story, how did you start your love for styling?

Funnily enough, I didn’t study design, I studied business. Six years of travel after university saw me embark on some interesting travels punctuated by some truly unbelievable jobs. Between snowboarding seasons, hosting celebrities on private jets, event management at the chic Sanderson Hotel in London and working for a surfing company for two years touring North America, I well and truly got my travel fix. On returning home I really wanted to settle down and work in a creative environment where jeans and Converse were encouraged.

I always had an interest in the aesthetic side of things, the way people lived and what they surrounded themselves with. I decided interior design was the way forward so I cold-called Hecker Guthrie and there happened to be a reception role available. The intention was to attend night school to study interior design, but I found myself immediately immersed in the world of design, whilst being mentored by Australia’s leading interior design duo. After seven years at the studio, I have been fortunate enough to navigate my role in a direction that really focused on the tail end of a projects’ life cycle; the loose furniture, the styling, the shooting of spaces and the sharing of these beautiful projects via the other side of my role, which is more media and communications-focused.

4. Where do you see yourself with your styling career in 5-10 years?

Funnily enough - still based from my kitchen table with my brood running around my feet. Hopefully I will still have the pleasure of creating beautiful spaces with interesting people.


5. What do you get up to in your spare time?

I do like to get the most out of every day - but leisure time is spent at Phillip Island where we have a little beach house.

6. Since becoming a mum, what are the biggest changes you have seen in the kids space?

Less pretty - more urban. Repurposing adult things into a kiddy domain (for example I used an artwork in Goldie's room that I had primarily bought for myself) and not being governed by conventional baby furniture items - such as feeding chairs. Mine was from Blu Dot and will definitely find a home somewhere in my next house.

7. What is your guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up??

Foraging for flowers from neighbour's gardens and Pinot Noir.

Doll s house

8. Are you a creature of habit? Explain.

With a child ... yes, I have become one. 6pm used to be a glass of wine out somewhere - and now it is bath time - and there is no where I would rather be.

9. What is your typical Sunday routine?

A surf, an open fire and a good feed.

10. Given the choice of anyone in the world who would you like as your dinner guest and why?

I am not a good cook - I would be scared to invite anyone to a dinner I make.

Light fitting

11. What are you the most grateful for in your life?

The fact I get to live in a home that is warm, safe, cosy and pleasing to the eye to be in and share with my husband, baby and dog Tank.

12. Is there something you have dreamt of doing for a long time?

No - I seem to have a way of ticking things off my bucket list as I go.

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13. What is your secret to striking a work-life balance?

I am not quite there yet - but trying very hard to ensure phones and technology stay out of the bedroom.

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