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Shop House Rules Winners Adam & Lisa's Nursery

Shop House Rules Winners Adam & Lisa's Nursery

House Rules winners, Adam & Lisa, give Tinitrader inside access to their stunning nursery designed for newborn, Arabella

The Tinitrader team were so excited to hear about the arrival of House Rules winners, Adam & Lisa's beautiful baby girl, Arabella.

It's not a surprise to anyone that the DIY masters have welcomed Arabella into the world in true style with the reveal of Arabella's gorgeous nursery room.

In collaboration with CNP brands, Adam & Lisa's stylish and classic nursery features all the essentials including the bebe care Imperio Cot, rocking chair and change table. The bebe care furniture range is both functional and stylish that will last the test of time with its high quality craftsmanship.

Tinitrader was lucky enough to speak with Adam & Lisa to learn more about their new arrival and the preparation of Arabella's nursery.

How have your lives changed since the arrival of Arabella?

Now we live entirely for Arabella. She is the biggest blessing in our lives and it’s all about giving her the best upbringing we possibly can, to make sure that she is healthy, happy and feels loved.

We used to think we lived busy lives before she came along; boy were we naïve.

What has surprised you since becoming parents?

How easy it is.... No, probably how much love you can feel for someone with every inch of your being – it’s indescribable. It's a very fierce kind of love.

Arabella s Nursery  Regent Ro

Describe the process of designing the nursery?

Towards the end of our pregnancy we decided to find out the gender of our baby.

This helped us choose a soft and calming little girl’s room using traditional greys, whites and pinks.

It has a slightly Scandinavian feel as Adam made various pieces for the room with exposed plywood edges. We decided to follow a fairly soft and classic style and Adam did a great job at painting out a feature wall.

What are your top tips for expectant parents in designing the nursery?

Ensure the room is practical and functional as you will be spending lots of time in there.

Storage, storage, storage - baby things accumulate very quickly and storage will stop the room looking messy.

We were glad we made the decision to put down floorboards and use a rug for warmth. We have had a few incidents on the floor which could easily be wiped clean.

We also chose transitional furniture, décor and paintwork so that the room can easily be change as Arabella grows older and choose to change the look of her room to suit her own style and personality.

Adam  Lisa and Arabella in the 4moms mamaRoo

Does the look for the nursery match the look in the rest of the house?

Not at the moment, we are currently renovating the whole house so this is the first room to be complete.

We decided to go with a fairly classic space to ensure it goes with the rest of our plans.

Tell us a little about some of the key products in the nursery and how you selected these items.

We worked closely with CNP Brands to select key pieces for the nursery.

We chose our BeBe care cot as it will grow with Arabella and can be turned into a toddler’s bed at some point.

Our grey rocker fitted in well with our colour palate and is really comfortable.

We chose the biggest chest of drawers we could find and added the Childcare Changer on top in order to save space in the room and to make sure we have plenty of storage space.

key products from arabellas nursery

What are the must have items in the nursery or related to parenthood that you couldn't live without (aside from the obvious ones like the cot and pram)?

Our BeBe Care rocking chair is amazing!!! Many long nights have been spent rocking Arabella to sleep. I also think the nappy bin we use is priceless and really hygienic as it wraps each nappy and helps prevent any odour in the room. Now that we are working on a much needed sleeping routine, we use our Motorola Baby Monitor everyday - also great because it also tells you the temperature of the room and we tend to overheat the house at times.

bebe care Regent Chair and Rocker with Arabella s shoes

What are some of your favourite things to do as a family?

We go walking a lot as she loves being in the Cybex pram and is able to sit up and look around. We also have our two fur babies – one who is a puppy who needs to get out for walks otherwise our house becomes a bomb site!

Adam and Lisa with the Cybex Priam  Black Beauty

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