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Nvey Baby | Real Parents, Real Feedback

June 14, 2017
Nvey Baby | Real Parents, Real Feedback

Nvey Baby’s range of Gentle Care Formulated products were trialled and tested by 5 different parents for one month. Have a read of their honest reviews below.

Nvey Baby Review 1

"Ruby @piperandthelittle tested the new Nvey Baby range with her son Violet (6 months old).

I have recently trialled (and photographed!) the beautiful Nvey baby products on my 1 year old son. I am very much set in my ways so once i find something that works i hesitate to stray elsewhere + with my sons extremely dry skin when not using our regular products i will admit i approached with a hint of caution. Only to be completely surprised! We have psoriasis in our family + were at the point where Spen couldnt go a bath without having to coat him in special oils etc to keep his skin moist, and Nvey baby really suprised me! SO soft on his skin, with NO drying out of his skin afterward, not even with the shampoo residue!

My husband absolutely loves that there is no overwhelming scents. Would love a bubble bath addition as that is my sons favourite part of the day, but otherwise could not fault it! I really loved the packaging as well, previously we have found alot of products to come in beautiful but not so practical glass bottles so a plastic with pump Spence can do himself + play with is fantastic.

I am a fan!"


Nvey Baby Review 2

Nicole tested the new Nvey Baby range with their daughter Violet (6 months old):

"We are always looking for products for our 6 month old daughter Violet that are gentle and effective on her sensitive skin. It is also very important to us that the products we use are Australian made, and contain as many natural and organic ingredients as possible.

We found that the Nvey baby range was exactly what we were looking for.

The ‘Gentle shampoo’ left Violets hair feeling soft and smelling fresh. It is mildly scented, doesn’t dry out her scalp and most importantly is gentle on her sensitive skin.

The ‘Gentle bath & body wash’ left her skin feeling soft, clean and fresh, without leaving any unwanted residue.

The ‘Sensitive daily body lotion’ spreads easily on her skin and is quickly absorbed. It leaves her skin feeling beautifully soft and moisturised, without feeling greasy. The mild lavender scent was calming and helped her prepare for a good nights sleep.

After having several issues with other brand’s products drying out Violet’s skin, the ‘Sensitive moisturising face cream’ kept her face feeling soft and looking hydrated. It is mildly scented, easily absorbed and did not cause any irritation to her skin.

We are very happy with these products and will continue to use and recommend them."

review 1

Nvey Baby Review 3

Alana tested the new Nvey Baby range with her daughter Aliya (10 months old):

"I have always felt reluctant to use soap on my babies soft and vulnerable skin. Both Aliya's Dad and I have really sensitive skin so we are very careful about what we use on Aliya’s skin and have been very happy with the product range, we may have even stolen some for ourselves too! Nvey baby's gentle bath and body wash is soothing and gentle on sensitive skin and not to mention it smells AMAZING. The baby shampoo smells just as good and really gets a good cleanse with no tears, I just felt it was really hard to wash out - otherwise we would definitely love it.

I was pleasantly surprised that Nvey baby produces a cream just for a baby's face. Nvey baby's sensitive moisturising face cream smells unbelievable and goes onto my babies face like a dream. It quickly absorbs and does not leave any sticky residue. I can always rest easy knowing that nvey baby has a gentle care formula and that they guarantee that their products are safe and caring.

This will be the only product that we use for our precious little angel now."


Nvey Baby Review 4

Tracey tested the new Nvey Baby range with her daughter Charlotte (8 months old):

"My daughter Charlotte is 9 months old & I have been using your NVEY products. Firstly, I love that they are pump bottles so that they don't need to be turned upside down or have a lid flicked open. Much easier when I'm holding my daughter with my other hand.

I am aware that fragrance free is best for delicate skin however it would be great if you could make one that is still sensitive and smells great. Makes your baby seem so much more clean & fresh with a light scent after wards.

Following is my review on each.

Gentle Shampoo: My daughter has slight cradle cap, more of a dry scalp. I recently changed to Cetaphil Shampoo and it was going well. Since using NVEY gentle shampoo it has worked just as well as Cetaphil which is a positive. This product made a nice lather & was easy to wash out. Afterwards my daughter's hair felt soft and the comb went through easy, did not feel sticky etc at all. I like this product & would continue to use. As above, would like if it could be lightly scented.

Daily Body Lotion: My daughter sometimes gets eczema on the tops of her legs which is very dry. Prior to trying your product I used QV baby. This product has worked well, it hasn't quite gotten rid of all the dry skin but hasn't gotten any worse which is great. It didn't feel greasy at all & could put her jump suit on very soon after without feeling sticky. Love that your product is free from nasty chemicals etc so feel good using it.

Face cream : My daughter hates having her face moisturised so was quite hard! However, this cream rubbed in nicely & felt soft afterwards. Not sticky or greasy.

Body wash bath: Didn't produce many bubbles which is fine for a baby of my daughters age however when a bit older I think bubbles would be fun. A great chemical free bath wash that leaves skin feeling nice.

I have enjoyed using your products & feel great for using them on my baby as they don't contain any nasty chemicals and leave skin feeling great."


Nvey Baby Review 5

Amanda @brideandcotested the new Nvey Baby range with her son Luka (11.5 months old):

"With an adventurous one year old on our hands, bath time is one of many highlights throughout the day and knowing that Nvey Baby is not only Australian made but PH tested, free of chemicals and certified organic it puts us first time parents at ease.

The bath wash is the perfect all round product, it’s nice and silky on the skin with a hint of essential oil and doubles up as a great bubble bath.

The Nvey shampoo smells amazing with the mild hint of Ylang Ylang and the gentle care formula is perfect for Luka’s bath time play.

We were also new to infant face creams as we like to keep our products to a minimum, but were definitely impressed by the Nvey face cream as the avocado and candula oil helped ease cheek dryness due to recent teething

With Luka being an active toddler I’ve noticed his knees and legs have become prone to dryness and the body lotion definitely solved this concern.

With all the products pumped dispensed, they really are quick, convenient and easily used.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the Nvey Baby range and it will definitely be a brand that we will be reaching for and recommend to others."