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OiOi Stroller Seat Liner Reviews | Real Mums, Real Feedback

OiOi Stroller Seat Liner Reviews | Real Mums, Real Feedback

Getting out and about with your little one can be messy which is why it is wise to invest in a good, quality seat liner.

This year, OiOi has brought back by popular demand their seat liners which are available in 6 gorgeous prints.

The seat liner is available in two different styles - one reversible design with patterns on either side and one premium reversible design with a luxurious poly fleece on one side. The seat liners are available in sophisticated prints to suit your mood, lifestyle and look!

We thought we would put this product to the test. Tinitrader mums applied to review the seat liners for a 2 week period and gave back their honest opinions.

Enjoy reading the honest reviews below from Tinitrader mums.



My first impression was great, i previously had this dodgy ol' handmade liner so when this beautiful liner arrived packaged so professionally i was quite excited!

It fit relatively well for my pram considering it isn't fitted, it hangs slightly over the bottom and i had to shuffle it a bit to get the straps in the right place but once i had it in the right place fit great.

My favourite part of the design (if not the gingham ? ) is definitely the fabric its made out of, so easy to wipe clean, i actually got a bit of a rude shock swapping to the new liner in how dirty my pram was, gross, this aspect is vital in a liner i think!! I quite like the little padded edge at the top too.

My pram is grey + tan leather so the colours match beautifully, but the design was really picked because my son is puppy-obsessed and i bloody love a good gingham, win win!

I love that you can reverse it, change it up every now and again, really great for those like me who get bored easily.

It feels a bit shiny, like it could be wiped down easily but not like you'd stick to it in summer.

Id definitely recommend these to my friends, will be looking into a second one when the time comes!

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Our family are very active pram users - I’ve noticed as babies get older and begin walking that a lot of parents decide to leave the pram behind. Even with our now 20-month-old son, we still use our Bugaboo on-the-daily. It makes trips to the shops, walks to the park or strolls to the beach a little easier. A whole lot of pram usage, means a whole lot of toddler eating in the pram. Pre-motherhood I never understood how prams could get so filthy … oh how naive I was! I totally get it now. You splash out on the best pram you can afford and 6 months later the kid is wiping strawberry yoghurt and squishing sultana’s into every possible crevice of that pram. Gahh! I needed a pram liner that was practical, durable and didn’t look like clown vomit. When I came across the OiOi seat liners they seemed to tick all the right boxes. I initially loved the feel of the material. It surprised me how padded and soft the liner was - a whole lot of ‘cushy’ right there! I knew my toddler would be living his best life sitting on this. The material was great for our warm climate - it didn’t heat up when the pram was left in the sun while playing at the park. The fabric doesn’t have a plastic feel to it at all. It’s super soft and lightweight.

So now the real test …. feeding time. My son requires a constant stream of snacks to keep him going while I shop. Avocado on crackers is one of his most-loved snacks - you can imagine the state of the pram after a good 10 minutes of avocado smearing. Just lovely. The OiOi seat liner wipes down so easily. For a quick clean before packing up the pram I use a couple of baby wipes. And then for a ‘real’ clean I pop the whole liner in the wash and it reverts back to its lovely looking self. That leads me to how chic this liner looks. We are all about neutrals in our household, we’re those monochrome-loving parents who avoid loud and unsightly kids items at any cost (we’ll get there eventually). The chic chevron print was an ideal match for our black and grey Bugaboo pram. It was extremely easy to fit this liner to our Chameleon, I had previously steered clear of universal liners as I assumed the fit wouldn’t be ideal and could look tacky. I am yet to use the reverse side of the liner, I’m not a big fan of the colour, however I like the fact that the liner could be flipped if we had a smoothie disaster in the pram and needed a quick fix!

I would absolutely recommend the OiOi liners to anyone looking for comfort, function and style for their pram. The prints available are very on-trend and are a lovely addition for the pram. We invested in a good quality pram and it’s well-worth protecting it with a seat liner!

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Wow what a gorgeous pram liner! I was so excited to receive this package and when it arrived in the mail, it did not disappoint.

The gorgeous blue colours and the soft fleecy feel first caught my attention when I took it out of the package.

Attaching it onto my pram was a bit of a struggle as I found the strap holes were quite small. I did manage to get the straps through and once they were through it was smooth sailing.

The fit of the liner was perfect. It covers all of the right spots, which will protect the pram from my messy little man. I noticed the length of the liner was quite long as well compared with others I had used before which is a feature I love. My pram now doesn’t get any dirty shoe marks on it.

The first time we used this liner, we were out for lunch. Yogurt and avocado was smeared everywhere (blue morgan side). It was relatively simple to clean. Once I returned home, I just wiped it down with a damp cloth and all evidence of food was removed! It looked brand new again.

The next few days the weather got colder so I decided to turn the pram liner over to the fleecy side. My little man absolutely loved the soft fleecy side. I was also secretly jealous of him! He snuggled right in and was kept nice and warm. We did get some food on the fleecy side, and the food came straight off after a gentle machine wash.

It looks so lovely on my grey Joolz pram. I’ve had so many comments on it when I’ve been out in public. The gorgeous blue colours are just enough to add a bit of life to the pram. The fleecy side also looked lovely on the pram, blending in nicely.

One of the things I love about this pram liner is the reversible feature. I feel I could use this throughout all of the seasons Melbourne has to offer. I actually can’t wait to take it up to the snow in August.

I have been very happy with this pram liner and quite impressed with the Oi Oi brand. This is the first time I have used their products and would definitely go back for more. I’m actually on their website now checking out what else I can get my hands on :)

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The OiOi seat liners are such a great design.

The soft fur side is perfect for warmth in winter and the cool wipe down fabric on the reverse is so practical for the rest of the year.

The colour and design is chic and subtle for everyday use. It’s the perfect colour as it doesn’t show dirt, or clash with any other colours which I put the boys in.

It also works well with our other pram accessories. The padded headrest is perfect for naps.

The size fitted both seats perfectly. I love using these great quality, chic pram liners.

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I absolutely love the design of my Aztec Chevron Peat stroller liner! Fantastic that it's very gender neutral so I can use it for both my son and daughter. It fits my pram well and also fits our spare pram.

I was a bit worried that it wouldn't suit my pram as the pram hood has a yellow and grey design on the inside of the hood but it suits it perfectly.

Our baby (Lucas - 11 months) was super comfy in the pram while using the liner. He used to struggle falling asleep in there but because the pram liner is well padded and cozy, he was asleep within 10 minutes of our walk! I love that the patterned side of the liner has extra padding for his head but I was disappointed to find that even though it's a reversible liner, the non patterned side doesn't have the extra padding.

I found the liner easy to clean and haven't needed to give it a machine wash as the material only needs a quick wipe over and it's as good as new.

The price is a bit expensive ($64.95) and I personally wouldn't spend that much on a pram liner but for the quality and material of the OiOi stroller liner, I would definitely recommend it to those that can afford it! And for those that can't, I'd suggest trying to source a second hand one as they are such great quality and would last more than one baby!

Overall I am very happy with the pram liner and am quite sure I will get a few years use out of it!


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