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Olli Ella Australia | Meet Chloe & Olivia

June 22, 2016
Olli Ella Australia | Meet Chloe & Olivia

Olli Ella Australia's new kids Boho nursery collection is here

Olli Ella duo Olivia and Chloe teach us more about the new Olli Ella collection and how you can style your dream boho-inspired nursery

Olli Ella’s latest Boho collection captures a casual and unfussy style with a nod to the craft era of the 60’s and 70’s.

Olli Ella's collection heroes rich and earthy tones using natural materials such as jute, wool, and cotton.

Boho’s distinctive style embraces the concept of easy, simple living. It breathes a casual and unfussy style with a nod to the craft era of the 60’s and 70’s. It’s about creating a comfortable, inviting sanctuary in your home and garden, making it an ideal setting for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends.

The collection influences are Scandinavian meets bohemian. Lots of layers, natural materials and an element of the “hand-made.”

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How can the Boho enthusiasts avoid OTT bo-no?

Well first start with a neutral base and build on it. I have always been a fan of earthy tones such as mustards, mossy greens, and rust.

I love to keep the big things, like sofa’s rugs, flooring, and walls neutral and then add layers of colour through things like plants, wall art, throws and cushions.

Have fun, don’t over-style, keep your space fluid and inviting.

What to you love most about the boho-vibe?

For me I think the whole boho concept is loose, and undefined which is always appealing; it works in minimal spaces just as comfortably as in untamed spaces.

I love that the vibe is more about ‘togetherness,’ with a defined ‘spirit’/ not necessarily a defined ‘style.’

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Boho is all about being natural and enjoying rich, earthy tones and rich colours paired with natural hues of sand and wheat.

What kind of furniture works best for this look?

Décor with raw, natural fibres that have old-world rustic charm.

What are five key pieces that can pull this look together?

From the Olli Ella collection you can’t go wrong with:

  • A hand-woven Belly Basket
  • Etched Berber Rug
  • Colombe wool rug (for the wall!)
  • Cacti in Pink wall art
  • Tiny Lidded basket
  • Textured wall hangings, chunky rugs/ kilims and oodles of plants and Cacti prints. Rustic vintage ceramics, low slung furniture, timber accents and plant pots. Add macramé and crochet and you’re well on your way (sorry I couldn’t’ stop at five!)

What are your favourite colour combinations?

I like to start with a neutral base and build on it.

I have always been a fan of earthy tones such as mustards, mossy greens, and rust.

I love to keep the big things, like sofa’s rugs, flooring, and walls neutral and then add layers of colour through things like plants, wall art, throws and cushions.

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What kind of furniture works best for this look?

All kinds! You can pair a mid-century side board with a high street sofa and an ethnic rug – anything goes!

Baskets are a favourite around here for their natural texture and multitude of uses; perfect for storing household essentials, or toys – or use as a planter (you can never have too many plants in your bohemian abode!).

Tie it all together with a textured rug - for example at the moment we’re loving the Etched Berber Rug, Colombe wool rug (for the wall!).

Finish with Foliage.

It goes without saying that you can never have too many plants such as cacti or succulents in a boho-inspired room.

How has being a mum inspired your career?

Being a mother has inspired my career in countless ways; from the products that we have designed to how I conduct my work day.

The products that we design are a celebration of the homebody, of quick tidy ups, of lounging on soft rugs with your family.

There is such a cosiness that comes with motherhood; of being that source of love and comfort for your children and we try to reflect that in the products that we make.

An elevation of the everyday normal, because it's the ordinary - the chit cat over dinner, the tickles on the floor, the packing away of treasures that really are the most spectacular of all, don't you think?

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More about Olli Ella's founders, Chloe & Olivia Brookman

It’s not every day you see one company owned by two sisters who are living in different corners of the world.

Olli Ella is an ‘unconventionally operated,’ colourful and highly successful company that has become a global home décor brand for the modern family.

This entrepreneurial tale is a little different to many as each sister is worlds apart. AHH SEPARATION ANXIETY YOU SAY? Initially, both were apprehensive about Chloe relocating to Sydney to manage the Australasian side of the business.

Now, Chloe (based in Sydney) and Olivia (based in London) have the added advantage of being able to monitor trends from different corners of the globe.

Their days quickly fill up with SKYPE calls discussing differences in trends and tastes, which are at times, fiercely opposing.

Alas- over the years baskets of fun has been had!

Olli Ella has unfurled in their separation and the dynamic darlings have created a multi-million dollar enterprise with product loved by millions of people around the globe.

‘Even more interesting is that we have been able to respond to our customers in a way that perhaps we wouldn’t be able to living in one city,’ says Chloe.

Separate Business Styles

Chloe’s primary focus is on anything to do with creative direction, expansion and sales/ marketing, whilst Olivia’s concentrates on day-to-day logistics, relevant markets and strategic direction. Both manage product development, and their respective offices.

‘We have such a mutual respect for one another and so our differences have been a blessing as we rely heavily on one another's opinions and without question balance each other out,’ says Olivia.

With Olivia's love of vintage, classic pieces, a touch of the nostalgic and with me being drawn to easy-living, comfort and the bohemian each have a handle on design.

Olli Ella leads with texture, colour and objects that are simple and celebrate comfort easy living. Collections gives winks to their travels abroad, from Nepalese felt wool rugs, to the Moroccan-inspired bedding collection.

Individual Style

Meet Chloe- she’s typically passionate and generally a quick decision maker,

Meet Olivia- generally more considered and prefers to have the whole picture.

Chloe’s Home Decor: Effortless, bohemian, with a mid-century pop.

‘My home is full of books, thick chunky rugs and throws, and baskets everywhere. Our walls are smattered with a mix of oil paintings, prints and artworks from our children. The home feels full of life, I just love that.’

Olivia’s Home Decor: Playful, considered and constantly evolving.

‘I am likely to spend months in search of that perfect piece and often will have something custom made so I can be sure that it’s just what I wanted. I love pastel colours, clean lines and versatility in design. My home is a constant work in progress, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!’

About Olli Ella:

Like many of the best ideas, Olli Ella started as a happy accident which was serendipitously founded in London in 2010. After not being able to find a nursing chair to fit the eclectic feel of her first child’s nursery, Chloe Brookman, 33, and her sister Olivia, 31 – owners of a Clerkenwell art gallery specialising in 20th century work - decided to design a chair themselves. Six months later they were making chairs for other expectant friends; within another three months Olli Ella launched, with Harrods as its first stockist.

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