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January 30, 2014


French brand Papo has the most incredible range of high quality, detailed figurines. Pap figurines are so life-like that playtime is sure to be not only creative, but very convincing, too!

Just some of the products from the Papo range include:

Papo Environments

From bush outposts, pirate ships, galactic fortresses and castles, Papo Environments are perfect playtime backdrops.

Papo Enviroment

Papo Fantasy

Includes two-headed dragons, skeletons and plenty to send shivers down the bone!

Papo Farm Animals and People

This range is enough to make Old Macdonald green with envy!

animals  Papo
Papo Animals

Papo Firemen

It’s time to role play being a hero. These Papo Fireman come equipped with all the necessary gear to fight fires and keep people safe.

fireman papo

Papo Fireman

Papo Galactic Adventure

Cyberknights and Humanoids … All the characters you can imagine from a galaxy far away are here in this range.

Papo Horse Riding

Think of a horse breed – any horse breed – and there’s a fair chance Papo have a figurine for it, not to mention all the necessary accompanying equipment.

horse riding

Horserifing papo

Papo Knights

Knights in shining armour, catapults, canons… It’s all here for your child to attack or defend their child’s fantasy castle.

Papo knights

knight papo

Papo Pirates

Peg legs, hooks, eye patches, canons, fair ladies, grotesque sea urchins – you name it and the Papo range has it!

pirate papo

Papo Pirate

Papo Prehistoric

A fertile imagination could be forgiven for thinking these creatures are real – the detail is that impressive!

Papo Dinosaur
Dinosaur papo

Papo Tales and Legends

Dragons, princesses, princes, wizards, warlocks, unicorns – the fantasy land of tales and legends has the lot.

Fairytale papo
Horse apapo

Papo Sea Animals

The creatures of the deep are vast and varied, but so many can be found in this Papo range.

sea animals papo
Papo sea animals

Papo Wild Animals

Papo covers the continents to bring to you wild animal figurines from Africa, Australia, Indonesia, America and more!

wild dramas papo

Papo Wild animals

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