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Getting to know Paqme

July 20, 2015
Getting to know Paqme

Here at Tinitrader, we love coming across unique brands. PAQME is no exception and we can’t wait to share our find with you.

Every parent knows the dreaded feeling of what it’s like to be caught out in unexpected weather conditions. It was a ‘four seasons in one day’ Melbournian experience that was the lightning bolt moment for PAQME’s founders, Cara and Georgia. What followed was a funky range of kids accessories perfect for every season.

The PAQME range is perfectly designed for parents who are out and about and on the go. We love the reversibility and that they pack down into their hood for easy transport with no fuss or bulk.

PAQME is a must know when it comes to kids accessories. We were lucky enough to chat to the PAQME girls to find out more about their story.

PAQME Blossom Kids Hood

As parents, we can definitely relate to being caught out in unexpected weather conditions with kids being a nightmare! What was the push that got you to start PAQME?

We wanted a lightweight packable and stylish solution to wet weather. So many kids and adults raincoats were so bulk and dowdy, we wanted to have some fun.

We love the prints and patterns in the kids PAQME coats. Where do you get your inspiration from when designing your range?

Mainly what our kids want to wear. Our children like to have a choice in what they wear, so we thought why not design a reversible raincoat. Less arguments in the morning, you have to ear your raincoat but can choose which side!

What sets PAQME apart from other kids clothing and accessory brands?

We face our clients daily, and they are tough negotiators our little people, so we try and innovate taking their needs into account. Hence the reversibility and fun with colours.

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What does a typical weekday involve for you?

All the variety any multitasking working mums experiences ….. Breakfast for small people, the school run, coffee, more coffee and then to switch on the brain and enjoy deadlines and goals of a different nature. Then back to mummy. Variety is the spice of life!

Creatively, is there a particular theme you keep returning to or is it constantly changing?

We love classics with twist.

Which other Australian designers, kids brands, artists or creative people are you loving at the moment?

Meduse gumboots are our absolute favorites for jumping in muddly puddles! Lucy Folk for some serious fun and style, Sunday Ganims colour combination in her textiles are amazing. Loving the Bassike collection for go to Basics with a twist.

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