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Pattern Play | Pickawall

May 03, 2017
Pattern Play | Pickawall

Wallpaper can completely transform a kids bedroom!

Whether you decide on a bright and bold print that will act as a feature within the room, or choose to opt for a more understated look with subtle spots or stripes, wallpaper is a great tool for making a statement and adding interest to any children’s space. And the best part - Wallpaper is relatively cheap and easy meaning you can cater to your child’s current interest then quickly and inexpensively update it once your son has moved on from his race car stage or your daughter’s obsession with fairies has subdued.

Pickawall makes it easy with their range of affordable wallpapers which are simple to apply and come in a range of stylish prints - you can even custom design your own!

Pickawall is Australia's largest wall mural company. Their passion for custom wallpaper was founded by their experience as the leader in large format printing for over 12 years.

We have styled three of our favourite wallpapers from their latest collection to show just how much they can transform a bedroom at any age. Enjoy browsing and shopping the looks below!

Room 1 Light

Room 2 light

pickawall 3

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