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Phoebe Lamps - Customisable Lighting for your Family!

April 08, 2015
Phoebe Lamps - Customisable Lighting for your Family!

We are always excited at Tinitrader to find innovative and interesting new products and brands. Phoebe is one of these brands and we can’t wait to share the Phoebe story and range with you!

Asa & Peter, founders of Phoebe, wasted no time creating the original Phoebe lamp straight out of design school in 2009. It was this first lamp, which made the way for her younger sibling, the Phoebe A3 and the rest of the Phoebe collection. From humble beginnings, Phoebe now has a range of 6 lamp models, 40 print options and numerous possible combinations.

Phoebe Lamps Lighting

The A3 was a further development of the same lamp concept but was designed to suit other applications. This has made it easier for people to create and print their own designs for their light. This lamp customization was the next step in the Phoebe story.

We absolutely love that you can change the look and feel of your lamp in minutes with Phoebe’s combination feature. The shade design of Phoebe allows you to change its appearance in an instant. The lamp shade comprises an interchangeable print so by inserting any paper, photograph, map, artwork or even fabric, you can completely transform your lamp.

How it Works diagram

Phoebe is designed to move through life with its owner and easily adapts to each new phase. This progressive idea means the collection is perfect for growing children and their ever changing tastes! To ensure this longevity, the lamp is made from highly durable plastic. This plastic also holds and protects the decorative insert.

Hot tip: If you have an image you would like to use on the Phoebe Original, you can have this image copied or enlarged so that it fits on to the lamp. Simply take your original artwork or image to a printing house and ask them to copy and print your original to the Phoebe Lamp dimensions. For best results ask for the image to be printed on approx. 140gsm gloss paper.

Design art1 2015

The lamps and bases can be purchased separately or together allowing for even further versatility.

Setting up your lamp is an easy process with The Phoebe Lamp range designed for home-assembly coming flat-packed. The lamps are designed to be assembled without any fixings or adhesives. Perfect for ordering online!

Kids lamps

Asa & Peter value ethical design and manufacture their lamps locally as well as collaborating with local designers to produce their collection. Some of their creative partners include Pip Kruger (Pip Design) and Cameron Beau Wylie Foster (Beau Wylie) – the results are amazing with prints and patterns that will brighten up any room!

Both Asa & Peter believe in designing products with integrity and doing the right thing in the world. A Phoebe lamp will undoubtedly bring balance and flair to your kids room!

We hope you love Phoebe Lamps as much as we do. The gorgeous range is a testament to the amazing creative work of Asa and Peter. We look forward to using the Phoebe Lamps in our up and coming room styling events, keep an eye out!

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