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Introducing Plumbette - a Super Popular Mummy Blog

August 27, 2014
Introducing Plumbette - a Super Popular Mummy Blog

Rebecca Senyard has a super popular mummy blog… About plumbing! Well, it’s not entirely focused on plumbing, but it sure is a unique area in the mummy blogging space and one that’s attracting plenty of attention.

Bec is a fully qualified plumber, a trade that has been passed down in the family thanks to Bec’s father, who used to run a successful commercial plumbing practice. At about the same time Bec’s dad was looking to wind down, Bec herself was beginning to realise she wanted to be a business owner.

The solution was simple – Bec would step up as her father started to step down.

But things don’t normally go quite to plan, do they? In fact, they can often go well askew. Take for example, the Global Financial Crisis. Just as Bec was entering the business, the GFC reared its head and commercial businesses around Queensland tightened their belts. Bec and her dad at the time had some 18 plumbers working for the business. It was becoming too much for her retiring father, but also seemed a monumental handful for Bec by herself, especially given she was also planning to start a family.

plumbette0 2

So the business took on a new direction. Rather than remaining in the commercial space, Bec and her dad turned their plumbing skills to the home front, and began taking on smaller jobs in suburbs around Brisbane. It was a masterstroke and soon Bec was flat out, but for all the right reasons.

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As the smaller business grew, so too did Bec’s family. In fact, she’s just recently had her third bubba and made the decision to down tools whilst she focuses on raising her children.

So how does a blog come into play?

Well Bec began writing in late 2011. It was something she’d always enjoyed doing. In fact, Bec had already penned a book about being a female plumber. The blog seemed like a fine way to test the waters and see if people were interested in what she had to share. The blog took several months to launch – Bec didn’t want to be regarded as a one blog wonder. She wanted to make sure she had enough interesting articles for any followers, and she wanted to make sure she could commit to the idea long-term.


The Plumbette hasn’t looked back. Bec might have downed tools, but her finger is still well and truly on the plumbing pulse and she’s a big advocate for her industry. She’s also big on empowering women who visit her site with plenty of practical, sensible information about the home – from plumbing to renovating to storage and everything in-between.

The Plumbette is also a personal journey through motherhood – the good, the bad and the ugly. As Bec said, “I keep it real. Sometimes people make out that motherhood is perfect and everything and everyone always looks fantastic. I post interesting reads and sometimes great pics, but I also post reality. In fact, I’ve got a shocker of a shot I am posting today,” she said.

We love that. Welcome to TiniTrader, Bec and The Plumbette. It is great to have your honesty, your down-to-Earth sensibility and your practicality on board!

Stay tuned for Bec's first blog post here

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