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Plyroom Kids Furniture | Meet Elise

November 11, 2015
Plyroom Kids Furniture | Meet Elise

Plyroom Furniture provides practical and beautiful bedroom furniture made with quality craftsmanship and smart design

When Elise Heslop moved her young family to Italy in 2012 she had no idea just how life changing the move was going to be. Inspired by the creative use of small spaces in European homes, Elise came back to Australia with a vision, and from there Plyroom was born.

While in Italy, Elise and her family lived a much more simple way of life. Renting a small 2 bedroom apartment Elise began to question the quintessential Australian idea of living space, with big back yards and bedrooms for every person. Living in such a tiny apartment brought her family closer together.

Having to adapt to a new, more compact way of living, Elise was impressed by the simple yet beautifully designed furniture, with hidden compartments for storage. One plywood bunk bed with no metal bolts, screws or nails in particular caught her eye. Elise met with the designer in Milan and began working on what would eventually become Plyrooms first range.


“Time overseas made me better appreciate my Nonna’s ways of looking after what you have, and reducing our reliance on disposable furniture, I wanted something that would last” says Elise.

After returning home to Australia Elise noted the absence of smart furniture options and began the long process of redesigning the range for the Australian market.

“Being out of my comport zone pushed me to try new things and start conversations without worrying about whether I would fail or succeed” Elise says.

As the name would suggest, plywood is the material of choice for Plyroom due to its beauty, durability and simplicity.

“We love the strength and flexibility of ply as a manufacturing process, and when it’s coupled with a high quality timber such as Birch or Beech, it creates an incredibly strong and beautiful material” Elise says.

“Many of our customers are really surprised at how sturdy and strong our furniture is when they test it out. This balance between its visual lightness and the surprise of its strength is what I love about it”.

Plyroom Kids Furniture

Plyroom now offers everything from kids’ furniture including cots, bunk beds and single beds, to storage solutions, office furniture and bedroom and dining suites, with all pieces being eco-friendly and finished with non-toxic materials.

While it would be cheaper to produce elsewhere, most of the Plyroom pieces are still made in Milan, with some now being made locally in Preston, Melbourne.

Like the original bunk bed Elise fell in love with, all Plyrooms furniture is designed to be assembled like a jigsaw, without screws or nails and intended to last a lifetime.

“Ensuring that we have pieces that are adaptable, both in use and style is really important” Elise says

“We love that our pieces create the perfect canvas for so many of our customers’ individual styles, from Scandi-inspired minimalism, to eclectic colour and texture”.

You can check out the Plyroom range here

Plyroom Kids Storage Furniture