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We Love Polkadot Kids and Friends!

March 19, 2015
We Love Polkadot Kids and Friends!

We are so excited to introduce Polkadot Kids and Friends to the Tinitrader family!

Twin sisters Tracey and Donna have designed the perfect solution to safer bedding for babies and kids.

Through a frightening experience, while Donna was checking on her young son, she unexpectedly found him underneath his covers with bedding over his head, the realisation that their kids could be in danger while sleeping, prompted the twins to act and create a solution to the impractical bedding. With the team effort of Donna, Tracey and their combined families, the Sleeptight sheet was born.

PD Kimg 9277

The Sleeptight sheet is bedding that is designed to fit around the entire mattress in order to keep the doona cover and sheets from posing a danger to the sleeping child or baby. The sheets ensure the child is secure, warm and above all, not able to become tangled and endangered. Plus, due to the clever design, you’ll never have to make your kids beds again!

Sleeptight sheets have been carefully trialled and tested to ensure the child is comfortable and able to move as well as feeling secure and safe.

Made from 250 thread count cotton sateen, the practical Sleeptight sheets are available in white with a variety of different coloured piping including apple, blue, pink, purple and silver.

PD Kimg 9324

The gorgeous Sleeptight sheets come in three sizes: cot, king cot and single bed- making them a must have for all kids rooms.

The Sleeptight sheets are available in sets that include a Sleeptight sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase.

With Polkadot Kids and Friends and their amazing Sleeptight sheets, your mind can be put to ease knowing your little ones are safe and sound while they’re sleeping.

Shop the Polkadot Kids & Friends collection now to take advantage of the huge savings on offer.

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