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Meet Alana and Sara | Poppies For Grace

March 10, 2016
Meet Alana and Sara | Poppies For Grace

Meet the talented duo behind the colourful and fun party label Poppies For Grace

Whether it be a birthday party, baby shower, wedding or christening, no party is ever complete without some fabulous decorations.

And for party decorations that will create lasting memories of color and fun, look no further than Poppies for Grace.


It all started back in 2004 when Alana Waterson and Sara Dickens were just 21.

They had no idea what they wanted to in life except for the fact they wanted to play, use their hands and find jobs they loved.

Alana was part way through a screen printing course at RMIT and Sara was working in Finance.


“It all came down to one of my lecturers encouraging me to sell the cards I had made in her class. Sara and I have been friends since high school & she made the invoice for the first sale of cards” Alana says.

“We didn’t know it then, but that was the beginning of this grand adventure”.

Nine years on and the girls are now the successful faces behind Poppies For Grace, helping bring fun, color and excitement to parties everywhere.

party balloons

Poppies for Grace provides an extensive range of stationary with their current range including gift cards & tags, stickers, envelopes, invitations, lolly bags, notepads, confetti, jumbo balloons, balloon kits, mylar balloons, crepe paper, honeycomb balls & garlands.

All Poppies for Grace products are made with care and purpose but most importantly a whole lot of fun goes into everything that Alana and Sara create.

“I believe that we were not meant to outgrow play, but that play continues to form us & teach us how to be human” Alana says.

“When I play at work- that’s when things come together for the brand”.

poppies billie party

Like so many of the amazing women we get to work with, Alana and Sara both balance their booming business with motherhood to perfection and are constantly inspired by their young children.

“Our children inspire us with their constant hunger to learn” Alana says.

“The world is so brand new to them & it is filled with fairytale. They are thrilled every day. It makes me sit up & take notice. What can my eyes see? How do I respond?”.

And for the Poppies For Grace girls, who live by the mantra celebrations are good for the soul, the future looks as bright as their stationary, with hopes to open a retail store at some stage in the future, we can not wait to see what else the girls will create.

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