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Pram Buying Guide 2020

Pram Buying Guide 2020

Congratulations! You're pregnant. Now for the hard part, deciding what baby pram or stroller is best for you.

With so many brands (Bugaboo, Baby Jogger, Joolz or Mountain Buggy?) the process of buying a baby pram can be mind boggling!

Not to fear, we have you covered with not only the latest and greatest baby prams, strollers and pram accessories from leading brands around Australia, but also the best baby pram and stroller advice!

But first, we have distilled things down to the essentials in the hope this will help your decision making.

The Baby Pram Budget

The difference in baby pram pricing is enormous. Whilst an entry level new pram can cost under $100, top-of-the-range options with the latest gidgets, gadgets and modcon features can sell for several thousands of dollars – as much as the price of many second-hand cars!

When selecting a pram that’s right for you, budget is of course a major consideration and in actual fact, is probably a good starting point. From there, you can select the features you need that are available in this price range.

A great way to save is to look for great value deals and bundles which have bassinets and accessories included. These bundle deals are often year round and are a great way to ensure you're organised and save some cash.

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How will you be using your baby pram?

  • Exercising - If purposeful exercise versus incidental exercise is high on your list, then look at brands that specialise in jogger prams, which come with their own specific set of safety and comfort considerations. Just bear in mind that running with a pram is not recommended for newborns.

  • Adventure - Are you planning to head ‘off-road’? Do you enjoy taking your child on adventures along rugged paths rather than concrete footpaths? Then perhaps look at a pram with larger inflatable tyres, suspension and sturdy construction. If just getting to your house is an adventure (e.g. cobblestone paths) then again larger pram wheels will be the better option. See the Bugaboo Buffalo boasting maneuverability on any terrain.

  • On the go - If you’re on the go all the time and need a pram that can zip along and keep up, then a 3 Wheel Pram could well be your pram of choice. Just bear in mind that these can be longer, wider and heavier than 4 Wheel Pram. If you’re going to be spending a fair amount of time in shopping centres, then look for pram wheels with hard tyres, as they will make for smoother pushing.

Public transport and/or limited storage space

Are you going to be using public transport a lot? Is the pram light enough (once your child is in it) to lift on and off a tram, train or bus? Something lightweight will be essential. Do you have limited storage space when the pram is not in use? Then a 4 Wheel Pram could be right for you in both these instances.

Baby prams and the car

Will your pram actually fit in the boot of your vehicle? Is it easy enough to fold down/ dismantle and be placed into the car? Make sure the pram you’re considering is not too heavy for you to literally pick up, move about and set down again.

Picking the right pram for your newborn baby

Is your baby a newborn? In that case they must be able to lie flat. You may want to try either a bassinet style bed or consider a travel system that is designed to take the baby from the pram to the car (and vice versa) by removing a ‘capsule’. This means the transition is more seamless (especially good for a sleeping baby) and it also minimises the fuss!

If you don’t want to consider a detachable bassinet then just ensure that the pram is able to recline to a full lay-back position so your child can sleep lying straight.

3 Wheel Prams

  • 3 Wheel prams, more commonly known as Joggers, usually feature additional suspension, which makes them perfect for active parents.

  • If you are planning to jog with your child make sure that the pram has been tested for jogging.

  • Some 3 wheelers can be bulky, make sure it fits in your car boot.

  • Most 3 wheel prams have a swivel wheel for easier mobility. Always put it on the fixed wheel setting if jogging.

  • Pram handles on 3 wheel prams are mostly not reversible. If you want your child to face you as an infant you will need a pram that can take a capsule or bassinet.

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4 Wheel Prams

  • Most 4 wheel prams have a flat fold and generally have great manoeuvrability especially when the front wheels are smaller than the back.

  • Many of the 4 wheelers have an option of either reversing seat or handle. If it has reversing handle make sure you try pushing it on both sides of the reverse. Sometimes they can steer great one way but not so good the other.

  • Most 4 wheelers are suitable for newborns and many can take a capsule and bassinet.

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  • Many strollers are lightweight and simple to use.

  • Usually sit in the lower price bracket.

  • Smaller and more compact.

  • Many stroller are not suitable from Birth; ensure you check the manufacturers age recommendations.

  • Some strollers are compatible with infant carriers.

  • The strollers lower price, compact fold and lighter weight make them the ideal solution for busy events, shopping centres, travel and the grandparents.

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Travel Systems

  • A travel system consists of an Infant carrier car seat that can simply click out of the secure car base and transfer to the matching pram. Convenience for you to be able to transport a baby when and wherever you want, without disturbing them too much.

  • If you are going to choose a travel system make sure it’s easy to use and that the infant carrier car seat meets Australian standards.

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Twin and Triple Seater Prams

Do you need to use the pram for more than one child? Perhaps you have twins or even triplets, or perhaps you have a baby and older sibling, in which case you will need a pram that can cater for multiple children. The option here is a pram that will either carry each child side-by-side, or have one in the front and one in the back, or one that has provisions for a skateboard/ toddler seat.

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Will others be using your baby pram?

Your partner? Your child’s grandparents? A nanny? If this is the case then consider options that will work for as many of you as possible.

What are some of the features you’re after?

If you thought a pram simply pushed your child from A to B – think again. The world of prams has been modernised and thanks to creative cleverness and innovative thinking from pram brands around the world, you now have plenty of features from which to select for your child’s pram. These include an adjustable backrest, a reversible option, adjustable height handles, storage capacity, an umbrella, a canopy, detachable bars, a footrest - the list goes on!

Baby Pram Accessories

Welcome to the world of choice! When it comes to pram accessories, it almost seems like your options are limitless, so make life as easy as possible by focusing on what would be important for your lifestyle before selecting any model of pram. Bear in mind that some prams have a wider selection of accessories than others.

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From 1st July 2008 mandatory standards for prams and strollers in Australia and New Zealand (AS/NZS 2088:2000) came into effect. These standards include the safety warnings and information labels for strollers and prams, product performance testing, design and construction.

Some of the important safety standards to which your pram or stroller legally must adhere include:

  • All strollers must feature a permanently attached 5-point safety harness that includes waist and crotch straps for every occupant.

  • All BABY prams must feature wrist tether straps. These must come with a label warning the adult carer to use the tether so as to reduce the likelihood of the pram rolling away.

  • Prams and strollers must also feature red brake pedals/levers to make them more easily seen and therefore more likely to be used. These are especially important if you are considering purchasing a pre-loved pram.

  • DO NOT leave children unattended.

Shop the Brands and Retailers You Love — Without the Hassle

You love keeping things simple, and so do we. Whether you prefer to shop online, in your favourite boutique or in a convenient online store, Tinitrader is here to help. Don’t settle for a so-so shopping experience when you can find everything you need for your baby right here. Shop our full collection of prams and strollers at TiniTrader today!

We hope you enjoyed this buying guide. If you are ready to start purchase the perfect pram, then be sure and check out our Pram product range for the best prices and fast shipping.

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