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January 30, 2014


Ragtales draws on English heritage to create beautifully designed toys made from carefully selected fabrics and packed with a generous dose of proper charm and detail. These are just exquisite toys that are sure to become a much-loved part of your little one’s childhood and perhaps even beyond… The Ragtales range includes:

• Ragtales Amy’s Dressing Room

• Ragtales Ballerina Tutu Set

• Ragtales Bo ‘Dress Up’ Rabbit

• Ragtales Darcy ‘Dress Up’ Bear

• Ragtales Dress & Dressing Gown Pink

• Ragtales Dungarees & Check Shirt Set

• Ragtales Dylan Lamb

• Ragtales Fifi Rabbit

• Ragtales Lily Mouse

• Ragtales Maisie Rag Doll

• Ragtales Megan Rag Doll

• Ragtales Molly Rag Doll • Ragtales Oscar Dog

• Ragtales Patch Mouse

• Ragtales Patsy Duck

• Ragtales Percy Dog

• Ragtales Peter Hamster

• Ragtales Phoebe Duck

• Ragtales Picnic Set

• Ragtales Pippa Cat

• Ragtales PJs and Dressing Gown Blue

• Ragtales Poppy Rabbit

• Ragtales Princess and the Pea

• Ragtales Rag Books – Nursery Rhymes

• Ragtales Rag Books Princess with Pea • Ragtales Tooth Fairy – Boy

• Ragtales Tooth Fairy – Girl

• Ragtales Wooster Pull-Along Dog