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Real Mums, Real Feedback | Ollie the Owl Reviews

October 17, 2017
Real Mums, Real Feedback | Ollie the Owl Reviews

Ollie the Owl from The Gro Company is a new must-have sleep tool for mums and bubs!

Designed to put your little one to sleep with options to play music or white noise, a gentle glowing night light tummy and an intelligent, voice-activated CrySensor, we thought we would put this product to the test!

Enjoy reading the honest reviews below from 3 of our Tinitrader mums.

Alexandra's Review

Wow did we love the Gro Owl.

Upon receiving the Owl in the post my first impression was wow. I love the packaging and was really surprised with how big Ollie was. My 2 yr old was first to get her hands on it and was a little disappointed when I told her it was for her new little (4 week old) sister

I found the Owl so easy to use. With the 4 soothing sounds which are so realistic. They were great for when my baby seemed a little unsettled. Brahms Lullaby is the one I use the most I love that it is such a nice recording and isn't tinnie like in some musical toys. I really like that the sounds turn off after 20 mins meaning I don't have to worry about getting out of bed or remembering to turn it off.

There are 3 volumes which yes are great when there is other sounds around but I do find the lowest volume still quiet loud at night when the rest of the house is asleep. The light I don't really use a lot but feel it would be great when my daughter is older so she can self settle. I feel the light could have been a better shape eg star or love heart not just a square shape put inside. The Velcro hook is great as you can attach it to many different things at home or out and about.

The cry sensor has been great for us as my daughter seems to stir a little through the night but when Ollie comes back on it really helps her to resettle and keep her calm. I even found Ollie useful at night when up breastfeeding my daughter Brahms Lullaby gave the room that little bit extra relaxed feeling helping us both get back to sleep. I feel the size of Ollie is great as he can be seen when hanging or sitting for Bub but will be nice for her to hold and hug when she gets a little older.

Overall I am really impressed with Ollie the Owl and would recommend him to any family with a new born or a young child who just needs that extra comfort in bed. I know our Ollie is going to be loved for many years to come.


Nichole's Review

My first impression of Ollie the Owl was that he was very soft and cuddly and a perfect size, big enough for snuggling but not too big, beautiful neutral colours and lots of functions to test out on my little one. I was familiar with white noise before trialling this product. I had been using background noise from a dehumidifier while my little one slept or occasionally white noise on an app on my phone. My little one is 12 months so we just place Ollie beside him rather that attaching to the cot. We use the lullaby and light on Ollie's tummy, we have found that these work best at helping our little one drift off to sleep without a fuss. Our little one has always self settled at nap times and bedtimes without much help, however he wakes frequently at night and struggles to resettle without help from us.

Since using Ollie the Owl we have noticed an improvement with the length of our little one's naps - he can push through past one sleep cycle easily with the help of Ollie's CrySensor. The CrySensor is genius! We have the lullaby on the quietest setting and it's just enough to help soothe our little one back to sleep without disturbing us while we are still room sharing. My little one was most responsive to The Brahm's Lullaby.

We have used other products from the Gro company and find them to be very well designed and made from high quality materials- Ollie the Owl is just what we expected; well researched, well designed and great, practical functions. I would recommend this product to toher parents - especially if used from very early to give your baby a chance to form an attachment and get comfort from Ollie.


Ashley's Review

Gro Company! You are amazing, Ollie the Owl is one of my favourite products that you have released. Bailey was lucky enough to win an Ollie the Owl and test this cute little owl at Baileys bedtime. When I opened the box that contained Ollie I was super excited, I mean look how cute he is! Ollie the Owl is designed to help parents and the little ones have a great nights sleep. Ollie has a cry sensor which automatically turns on when your baby starts to stir and cry which eases your little one back to sleep. Before we used Ollie Bailey was only sleeping 4 hours tops at night time so we would be both exhausted the next day but now Bailey sleeps 8-10 hours! Which makes a very happy mum and bub. On Ollies left foot he has a button to choose from 3 different volume levels and his right foot also has 3 different settings for a night light. The night light is a big help a Bailey has trouble falling asleep when it's completely dark. You can choose from 4 different noises to suit your baby, there is heartbeat, rainfall, static and Brahms lullaby ( Baileys favourite is the lullaby!). Near the top of Ollies head is a valcro strap which makes it great for if you want to take Ollie travelling with you which Bailey and I do a lot or if you need to strap Ollie to the cot or pram. If you have a baby or young one that has trouble sleeping I absolutely recommend Ollie the Owl, he has made sleep time so much easier for us. I always have such a happy baby now from getting a good nights rest.


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