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Redsbaby METRO Review | Justin & Jaclyn

February 23, 2017
Redsbaby METRO Review | Justin & Jaclyn

Let’s be honest, you would always feel good when praises headed towards your way.

This was how we felt in our recent travel experience with Redsbaby METRO over at the beautiful Kiwi land (New Zealand).

While waiting patiently for our turn to check in at the airport, one of the staff members walked past and immediately, she announced her admiration of the pram to her colleagues.

We had many heads turned while using this pram everywhere which we never actually had this experience with the other prams that we owned.

cutgie boya


After using METRO for a couple of weeks, we can proudly claim that we’re in love with the pram.

The big basket is the main feature that we can’t live without.

You can basically chuck everything into it and it’s still shouting for more.

The other bonus is that I no longer have to carry my wife’s shopping bags by hands!

new smooth


Don’t get fooled by the name, METRO because it does manoeuvre on the rough terrain pretty well owing praises to the lightweight and sturdy build.

Folding and unfolding the pram is simple enough, even for the grandparents.

Imagine leaving the child and pram to the grandparents for the weekends and you don’t have to worry about both.



I’m considered lucky as I have a very practical wife who prefers practicality compared to styles.

If the item does more, it is worth the money. If it does not, it’s not worth even her time.

However, Redsbaby METRO ticks both boxes of being stylish and practical. A big plus when wife is satisfied!

little buaaub

Redsbaby METRO is certainly a head turner in a good way.

Anyone who has shopped for prams will either recognise or come across this gorgeous pram.

This pram absolutely shines in qualities and functionalities.

Retailing at $649.00, it is a no-brainer when it compares to the other more-expensive-yet-does-less prams out in the market – what a value for money!

ncie dewtail