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Redsbaby Metro Review | Kristin

February 22, 2017
Redsbaby Metro Review | Kristin


Real Parents, Real Feedback!

Kristin was one of 5 parents selected to trial the new Redsbaby Metro for one month and share her feedback.

Enjoy reading her honest review of the Redsbaby Metro and Buggyboard below!

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Redsbaby Metro (aka the bee's knees!)

I love this pram soooo much. It's my dream pram with absolutely everything I want in a pram.

little boy cute


It has a super compact little frame with plenty of room where it matters (in the basket and the seat).

Its such a treat that I actually get to go into those fancy stores with the tiny aisles and pretty things (for my kids to knock off the shelves).

At least I can actually fit into them now!

hat wearing


OMG it's so cute.

The indigo colour was the perfect match for my little mans striking blue eyes.

And I just love the leather touches to really spruce it up.

It's also pretty practical and durable for when he wipes banana all over the front bar I can just wipe it away.

We get plenty of double takes in this pram! Hot damn!

leather look hand


The basket is HUGE!

It's big enough to hold your nappy bag and do a decent shop.

I have a small boot and this pram folds up into a compact little parcel that you can just through into the back, it's just that lightweight.

I also love the little pocket in the back of the seat, perfect size to fit my wallet, keys and phone.

storage carr


The BEST thing about this pram is that my kid actually loves it. He sits in it, and he actually fell asleep in it!!!!

He's 18 months old and hates our old pram and stroller and I cannot believe how much he loves this one.

He would even climb in himself, pull the handle bar over and say 'let's go'.

hat wearing

Overall this pram is like a new member of the family.

We all love it! Big ticks all round from bubs and I!


Hubby and big sis both fight me over who's actually going to push it.

Well played reds baby, now I can actually shop in the fancy stores and look like a capable, super stylish mum with happy kids while I'm doing it!