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Redsbaby Metro Review | Lisa

Redsbaby Metro Review | Lisa


Real Parents, Real Feedback!

Lisa was one of 5 parents selected to trial the new Redsbaby Metro for one month and share her feedback.

Enjoy reading her honest review of the Redsbaby Metro below!

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It was love from the moment I opened the box of the Redsbaby Metro. Here are just some of the things I loved most about the Metro.


The Metro is so easy to use.

I admit (guiltily) that I didn’t read the instructions before pulling it out, but I didn’t need to.

It was so intuitive and the only thing I really needed to check was how to collapse the pram and even that was so simple.

Plus, it automatically locks so it won’t fling open again when you’re trying to put it away.


I never thought I would love a brake so much. With most foot brakes, you use the ball of your foot to turn it on and then you have to use the top of your foot to release it, invariably hurting your toes in the process.

The foot brake on the Metro is ingenious. It’s a clever ‘L’ shape. So, you use one side of the’ L’ to turn it on with the ball of your foot. Then, with the other side of the ‘L’, you can release it using the ball of your foot too.


The Metro is so compact. It takes up about half the space in my boot as my other pram.

When the seat is outward facing, it can collapse in one piece too.

This makes it so quick and easy to put away.

in boot


It comes included with a belly bar that can open and swing out from both the left and right.

I’ve owned two other prams.

One didn’t even include a belly bar and the other pram required the belly bar to be removed any time I needed to get my baby out.

It also folds out of the way when the pram is collapsed for easy storage.

in park


This is one of the best things about the Metro. It is HUGE! Yes, I used capitals – that’s how big it is.

I popped into the supermarket for a few things and managed to fit two packets of nappies, 4 litres of milk, cheese, yoghurt and all the ingredients for that night’s dinner. Even then I could have fit more in.

Plus, unlike other prams, no matter which way the seat is facing, the basket is very easily accessible.

carry basket


My baby’s nappy bag is jam packed and it’s always a battle to find my phone, wallet or keys in what feels like a black hole. But the Metro has this nifty pocket at the back of the seat where I can store these for easy access.

in pram ok


I have alternated putting my baby and my three year old in the pram, so have needed to adjust the straps. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to adjust.

As you can see, I adore this pram. And I haven’t even listed all the things I love, just my highlights.

odler child