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Adrienne Reviews Aussie Farmers Direct WW freshbox

Adrienne Reviews Aussie Farmers Direct WW freshbox

Adrienne from The Stylish Bump reviews Aussie Farmers Direct's WW freshbox

When you have a family, cooking becomes the most important household chore. Mainly, because there’s no way round it! It’s not like putting off washing the floors (guilty!) or leave the vacuuming for another day (guilty again!) You HAVE to cook for your family, and preferably healthy nutritious meals.

I recall the days when it was just my husband and I, not that long ago, that we could just eat eggs on toast if we didn’t feel like cooking.

It’s not like that anymore.

With a family of five it’s a big task day-in day-out to shop for and prepare snacks and meals. And not eggs on toast, but nutritious, healthy and tasty meals that have plenty of variety for my fussy little ones and are easy enough for my toddler to eat too.

And not only is the cooking a task that can become tiresome, but the physical trip to the green grocer’s, farmer’s market, supermarket, butcher and bakery week in, week out to get the healthiest and freshest food I can is such a chore. And time I that could be better spent.

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The ol’ saying that you know you’re a mum if you consider a trip to the supermarket alone a luxury isn’t that funny when you have to do it all the time!

Aussie Farmers Direct is a brilliant organisation I’ve been meaning to try for a while, and have revamped their entire menu. And really, the busier we get, the more we should shop for food online. They source the freshest and most wholesome Australian produce, package it up and deliver it right to your door boxed and chilled, the day after you order it.

I love going to Farmer’s Markets because the food is fresh, the variety is fantastic, you know what’s in season and always get plenty of ideas for new meals, different ways to cook things and the kids get to try foods they wouldn’t normally try or be exposed to. Aussie Farmer’s Direct really is like a ‘to your door’ farmers market, with the same fresh produce, loads of variety, recipe cards with meal ideas all straight from Australian farmers and producers.

I was so impressed with my first delivery, not only did it come the very next day after ordering it, but the massive variety of foods in the box was cold, fresh and straight from the producer.

Everything really is so fresh you’d think it was picked that morning, and delivered in a box with plenty of reusable ice packs so that all the meat and vegetables are kept cool and fresh for up to 12 hours. You don’t even have to be home, which means you can have it delivered every week without having to worry about getting home for the delivery, AND you don’t have to trek to the shops to get your produce.

You can select your own food, and opt to have it delivered weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as a once off if you just want to try it.

Our box was from the WW freshbox range exclusive to Aussie Farmers Direct, full of meat – lamb cutlets, pork fillets, chicken thigh fillets, chorizo sausages, fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, feta cheese, garlic and ginger – all the essentials to plan many delicious meals for the family. There were recipe cards too, so we could use those to meal plan, or just use the ingredients to cook our own meals.

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The new WW freshbox range includes all the freshest ingredients available and in season to cook healthy meals for 2 or 4 people (or in our case 3 little people!) All designed by nutritionists at Weight Watchers, the exclusive freshbox varieties are updated every week, providing delicious meal ideas like Oven Roasted Fish with lemon & chilli or Chicken Stroganoff.

I recently heard that Australia imports $12 billion of food each year from countries like Thailand and South Africa, most of which is sold in supermarkets. Why are we eating apples, eggs, fish and onions from overseas when there are farmers in Australia that grow them right on our doorstep? The food here is fresh, the food here is delicious and we are so lucky to have families right around Australia that grow this produce! Why aren’t we eating it??

Seems crazy to me.

There’s so much to choose from at Aussie Farmers Direct; from beef, lamb, chicken and fresh seafood, to in season fresh fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, freshly baked bread and rolls, muesli and cereals, snacks like muesli bars, popcorn and corn chips, freshly squeezed orange juice, milk,

The dairy range is fantastic and caters for everyone, even non-dairy products like Almond, Soy, Rice and Lactose Free Milks, plus a huge variety of everyday and gourmet cheeses, yoghurts, cream, dips and more!

There’s also a huge range of gourmet pet food too so the fluffy members of the family don’t get left out. How handy is that?

And talking about handy, there’s even wine! Yes, red and white and sparkling from Aussie producers.

All the produce is either grown or made right here in Australia.

And after ordering online I am now hooked. I buy clothes online. I buy shoes online. I even bought my last pair of glasses online! Makes sense to buy food online, especially if you know exactly where it’s coming from, exactly what you’re getting and when. Online ordering is WAY more convenient than getting in the car, driving to the supermarket, trudging down the aisles often with kids distracting you. And how many times have you reached the supermarket and thought ‘what will I cook this week?’ Or you get home and you’ve forgotten something!

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Ordering online is the best, particularly for time poor people (like we mamas!) when there are way more important things to do with what little time we have to ourselves than spending hours every week going up and down the aisles.

And I LOVE that the money goes directly to the farmers. There is even a list of the farmers that supply to Aussies Farmers Direct on their website so you can find out exactly WHERE your food comes from and which farms and producers you’re supporting. I love that you can even save money and order the Naked n’ Fresh box with all the ‘rejected’ fruit and veg, like carrots with two legs and funny shaped pumpkins!

But the main reason I’m doing it is because my children and my country is so important to me. What my children put in their tummy, the type of food they’re eating whilst learning about HOW to prepare and cook food (not out of a packet or a box) and helping to support other Australians livelihoods is what life’s all about.

REAL free range chicken and eggs, the freshest seafood from Tasmania, oranges picked from Mildura (not overseas!) and milk, cheese and butter from genuine Australian dairy farmers - that’s the food I want my kids to eat, and knowing that the money goes directly to the producers themselves, well, that’s what is really fair. And Australian!

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