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A Roaring Good Party!

November 09, 2018
A Roaring Good Party!

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Here at Tinitrader, we love themed parties and were left inspired by Louis' white + gold roaring dinosaur party! We chatted to his Mum @_honeypunch to get the low down on how we can create our own Dino-inspired party!


Ten little friends were invited to swish their tails, roar and stomp their feet to celebrate Louis’ 3rd Birthday party. Custom made dino-details along with DIY projects all came together to make this white and gold Dinosaur Party a ROARING success!


Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the 'Roaring Dinosaur Party' theme?

Dinosaurs have been a huge part of our daily lives.

We are constantly running away from the jaws of Gigantosaurus and the giant roar of T-Rex! Imagination around our house has been wild with our prehistoric friends forever chasing us!

I don’t know how we make it alive to see a new day sometimes!? Needless to say my little boy is an adventurous dinosaur lover and it only seemed fitting that we would have a ROARING party for his big Birthday number 3!

What party elements did you feel were essential to include so that all guests (big and small) could have fun?

This wasn’t just a party with birthday cake balloons and treats (Although it did have lots of that!).

The party also set the scene for dinosaur adventure and activities full of dino-fun! There was a Dinosaur Fossil Dig, Feed T- Rex Ball Toss Game, Playdough with dino-stamps, make your own Peg- Stegosaurus, Dino- Tattoo Station, and Dino- tails to do the ‘Dino Stomp’ dance to keep Louis and all his pals entertained! This may have been a kid’s party but the adults were treated too! With their own party table set up with ‘it looks too good to eat’ dessert grazing platter and coffee pod station.


We love the colour theme! Why did you choose these colours and what are some tips to achieve this palette?

Let’s be honest there have been a million and one dinosaur parties done before, I really wanted to do something different.

I’m a big fan of neutral and monochrome colour palettes and I knew I wanted to bring this element to our party, I just wasn’t sure how. It wasn’t until I came across our white and gold faux dino head (how good is he!!!) that I started buzzing with excitement and I knew at that point white and gold would be the colour palette of our party. It was also by coming across the sophisticated yet fun invitation by Emma Smith (of 3 safari animals with gold foiled hats) that I approached Emma to do a custom invite using the same concept expect with dinosaurs. These two elements became the key focal points of my mood board which I then grew my vision from… and just like that our white and gold dinosaur party was born. My tips in achieving this colour palette for any party is find key element you can work with, don’t be afraid to ask for a custom colours of products to be changed up to make it your own and don’t be afraid of a little DIY.

Can you share some dinosaur adventure and activities that we can replicate at home?

Many of the activities I made myself, so absolutely easy for anyone to replicate at home! What you’ll need to create your dino-activities at home:

  • FOSSIL DIG: Small plastic fossil dinosaurs, tub, sand, some digging utensils
  • BALL TOSS: Cut out a T-Rex head from sturdy cardboard/foam with a gap in his mouth for balls to pass through. Position on a box to support. Make ‘dinosaur food’ balls from filling up balloons with rice and tie up.
  • PEG-STEGASURUS: Cut out silhouette of stegosaurus using sturdy felt or cardboard glue to a popsicle stick and add googly eyes. Provide pegs (to be the spikes) and glitter pens for kids to decorate.
  • PLAYDOUGH: Playdough, rolling pin and dinosaur cookie cutters
  • TATTOOS: Dinosaur tattoos (we had custom ones made ‘Louis’ Roaring 3rd Birthday Party’)
  • DINOSAUR CLIP ON TAILS: Clip on tails and dance along to Play School Dino Stomp Song

We also had a dinosaur album playing songs for back ground music which helped set the scene.


Setting up a party by yourself and without a planner isn't always easy! What was the process like and do you have any tips to share?

My tip for any kid’s party is not just about putting all your efforts in a set up, but also ensuring little guests are entertained with activities.

A party shouldn’t just be about blowing up balloons and eating cake, but providing a unique and fun experience that will long be remembered after the candles are blown out! ...well one can only hope!

After pulling off my first ever kid’s party this is what I have learnt:

  • Always use a mood board to put together your ideas (sometimes when you put it all together, that really great idea you had just doesn’t work with everything else going on)
  • Have some activities for the kids to keep them entertained
  • If you can have a party facilitator = bonus, it means you can enjoy yourself and not have to juggle the kids, activities and parents!
  • 2 hours for a 3 year old party is ample
  • You can achieve almost anything with a hot glue gun!


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