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Stylish & Comfortable Rocking Baby Chairs

July 13, 2018
Stylish & Comfortable Rocking Baby Chairs

We love discovering beautiful and timeless new pieces for baby nurseries which is why we were excited to find the wonderful range of feeding chairs from Rocking Baby.

This Australian brand offers stylish and comfortable rocking chairs that are hand crafted in a solid birch wood frame and upholstered in a linen cotton blend. A timeless statement and perfect for nursing babies, Rocking Baby is a great option for your nursery.

Read our interview with the founder and designer, Marie, below to learn more about this gorgeous brand.


Tell us a bit about what inspired you to begin Rocking Baby chairs.

In 2013 I was pregnant with my first child and set upon a mission to find a rocking chair for the nursery but failed to do so. I wanted a luxurious rocking chair with comfort and something that was compact to fit in my daughter’s nursery. It was then I decided to design such a piece. After a short hiatus after taking care of our new born, I embarked on the journey to create the piece.

Here we are today with a range of classical yet contemporary, comfortable yet timeless rocking chairs that will fit in most nurseries. I have named our first chair Alyssa-Marie as a reminder to the beginning of this journey which started while I, Marie was pregnant with my daughter Alyssa in 2013.

Your first chair was the Alyssa-Marie. How did you come up with the design?

We were after a compact design which was also comfortable. We found a number of chairs which fit our criteria however they weren't rocking chairs. We finally found a manufacture which had the style and similar rocking chairs so we had them create a number of samples for us. On receipt of the samples both the Alyssa-Marie and Preston chairs were born!

Your chairs are all hand-crafted. Can you tell us a bit about this process?

To achieve the level of detail and aged look we were after, all the chairs are hand-crafted by skilled craftsman. Bircher wood was selected due to it's properties, it is light weight however has the necessary strength required. Each individual fragment of the chair is made and pieced together, the chairs are then painted and treated to create that aged look. What this also means is each and every chair is unique to the next.

What are the benefits of using a Rocking Chair rather than a standard nursing chair in contemporary nurseries?

Our designs are more compact. There's nothing more soothing than the rocking motion. It not only benefits the baby but also helps mum or dad to relax. The precious moments where time seems to stop momentarily is when I've finished nursing my baby and we enjoy cuddles rocking in the chair, you just can’t achieve this in standard nursing chair.

What is your favourite nursery interiors trend at the moment?

Loving the style where modern elements are paired in traditional settings, our chairs fit so well in these spaces and help pull it all together. If I was to select one popular nursery item, it's hard to go past floral wall decals.