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Salt Water and Sun-San Sandals 

January 30, 2014
Salt Water and Sun-San Sandals

Salt Water and Sun-San Sandals

Buy Salt Water and Sun-San Sandals.

Back in the 40s when war time meant products were scarce, Walter Hoy started to make sandals from military boot scrap leather. What started with such humble beginnings has grown into the cult brand that Americans have known and loved for over 70 years.

The sandals first hit Australian shores in 2010 and perfectly match our environment and lifestyle. Made from durable leather, Salt Water and Sun-San sandals mould little people’s feet (literally step into the salty water wearing them and see how they take to the foot’s shape!). And if the sandals get a bit of a beating frolicking in sea water, racing over the sand or just out walking with mum and dad? Then throw them into the washing machine for an instant clean – flexible tough souls and non-rusting brass buckles mean they can withstand every day wear as well as a workout in the washer!

The Original Salt Water


Here is where it all began – the classic plaited leather for big and small girls and boys. The open design lets little feet breathe and an ankle strap keeps a firm fit. Non-slip vulcanised rubber sole. Sizes: Infant 3-8, Child 9-12, Youth 13-3, Adult 4-9

Salt Water Surfer


An adjustable strap across the foot and ankle means this surfer won’t float off feet and out to sea! Non-slip vulcanised rubber sole. Sizes: Infant 5-8, Child 9-12

Sun-San Sweetheart

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sun san sweetheart red  76963.1381120522.200.200
sun san sweetheart yellow  94845.1381120784.200.200

Sweet as a button! These sandals come with crimped-edge leather and gorgeous cut-out heart shapes. A thicker sole but still the same water-friendly features of the Original Salt Water and the Salt Water Surfer. Sizes: Infant 5-8, Child 9-12, Youth 13-3

Sun-San Surfer

891804 p MULTIVIEW
891807 p MULTIVIEW

Comfy, practical and always on-trend, these timeless Sun-San Surfers are just ideal for a little party or by the pool having fun with friends and family. Sizes: Infant 3-8, Child 9-12, Youth 13-3

Salt Water T-Thong

white Salt Water T Thong
black Salt Water T Thong

New to the Salt Water clan, the T-Thong is a smart contemporary sandal with adjustable ankle strap that can dress up an outfit, or look equally great casual-style. Coated leather makes this sandal perfect for fun in the water as well as on terra firma! Sizes: Child 9-12, Youth 13-3, Adult 4-9

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