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Why I Went Salty 

October 31, 2014
Why I Went Salty

Some months ago I became desperate when what should have been a week-long cold stretched into a fortnight, and then three weeks, and then four. Every time I started to feel better, I’d relapse. I loathe antibiotics and was committed to healing naturally, but nothing was working. A friend had for some time suggested I visit Salts of the Earth, but I kept deferring the idea. By week five, I’d had enough.

Off I went to their Albert Park venue, where I found myself in a relaxing room (albeit a quarantined one given I’d said I was there to help treat a cold) that required me to do nothing but…. Breathe. I sat in this room for 45 minutes inhaling lungfulls of salty air, hoping every breath I took was literally getting me closer to recovery.

I walked away feeling slightly more rested, but otherwise no different. I was not convinced.

What happened the following day however, had me thinking that maybe my 45 minutes of salty down-time had done a lot more than I first suspected. I don’t want to share the gory details, but let’s just say I woke up and felt like I blew a lifetime of gunk through my nose. But it didn’t stop there – it just kept going, and going, and going for most of the day.

And then, hallelujah, I found myself on the road to recovery…

And that’s when I started to become quite interested in salt therapy, and discovered I wasn’t alone. I spoke to one mum who had nothing but praise for this treatment for her child.

Isabela’s Eczema Story

Jackie and her husband started taking their seven year old daughter Isabela to Salts of the Earth around July this year.

TT Kids in salt room

The Condition

Isabela was about four years old when eczema first appeared on her skin. Both her siblings had suffered from the condition, but unfortunately for Isabela it was especially aggressive. She would scratch her skin so hard that it would bleed, and certain areas looked as if someone had taken to her with a cigarette and burned circles into her skin. You’d have been hard-pressed to find where eczema didn’t appear on Isabela – from behind her knees and in her elbow grooves, to her eyelids, stomach and even her pinky fingers. Jackie’s distress in hearing her daughter cry from the pain – and the emotional trauma of being bullied because of the physical appearance of the eczema – is evident even when speaking to her today.

What Didn’t Work

Jackie and her husband left no stone unturned when trying to heal Isabela. Ointments that were effective in treating their other children didn’t seem to have the slightest impact on Isbela’s skin. Household soaps were replaced with Goat soap, she was bathed in chamomile solutions, food elimination testing was conducted. The family even tried a three-step treatment involving cream, alcohol rubs and moisturising; particularly unsuccessful given it has now left Isabela with permanent skin pigmentation problems.

The Solution

Jackie’s cousin-in-law suggested Isabela try Salts of the Earth. The cousin had been taking her own son there to help with his breathing difficulties, and the whole family felt it was worth a try. Isabela and her dad went off to the first session – 45 minutes spent in the salt treatment room for children and their parents. They continued this twice a week, adding a weekly saline bath at home to the overall treatment. Within three weeks the eczema resembling cigarette burns had decreased dramatically. Now, three months into regular treatment and Isabela is a different little girl. Her skin has markedly improved and she no longer scratches herself constantly. The bullying at school has also started to wane. A side bonus is Jackie’s own health; by accompanying Isabela on most of her treatments, Jackie herself has noticed and improvement in her own skin and breathing quality.

TT Isabel excema 1

Why Salt?

Salt therapy is supposed to relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways and the skin. Salt draws out fluid, so when you sit in a room of concentrated salt in the air (released via a salt aerosol), then you’re effectively drawing out fluid from inflamed airways.

The cleansing process of salt therapy can be used in conjunction with prescribed medication.

I think back to those days when I used to get little ulcers on my tongue or in my mouth – the first response from mum would be to gargle warm, salty water. I guess this is just a modern day version of an age-old remedy.

Salts of the Earth recommend you discuss your medial management with your GP. Salt therapy is designed to work in conjunction with any medication, not as an alternative.

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