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Kids' Scooter Buying Guide

December 11, 2015
Kids' Scooter Buying Guide

We review some of the best kids scooters on the market

Choosing a new scooter for your child for Christmas might seem like a fairly straightforward task. I mean, how many options can there be other than colour and size? Taking into account balance bikes, trikes and go karts, narrowing down the scooter field suddenly becomes a little more daunting. So if you’re searching for a kids scooter for Christmas, birthday, or just because, here are just a few of the options that I’m eyeing off for our tribe this year, starting from our littlest (age 2) to our biggest (age 11).


Our poor youngest is 2 years old and always gets stuck in the pram when we take the kids for a scooter ride. I love the fact that the Globber 4 in 1 scooter has the option of a parent handle for children as young as 12months, making this a great alternative to taking the pram. Just a couple of adjustments coverts it to a balance bike or scooter as your child grows in age, development and confidence. To sum it up, you’ll be able to use the Globber 4 in 1 for years to come, and he’ll feel like he’s keeping up with the big kids without sacrificing on safety. Winning.


Pre-schoolers can be tricky to choose for too. Not quite big, not quite small. Obviously, the options above are still great for our 3 year old. However, I spied the Cruzee Runner Bike in black and instantly pictured Mr 3 on it. Not only does it look cool, it is super light (meaning I can carry it easily when he gets sick of riding), and adjusts without tools. Throw some Batman stickers on it, and he’ll have a regular Batmobile to cruise around on when he’s dressed head to toe in costume. Other options we considered were the Mini Micro Scooter, this zippy little 3-wheel scooter is low to the ground which means it's easy to kick from and there's not so far to fall. Their balance, co-ordination and motor skills will develop as they quickly become proficient confident scooterers! We also love the Eurotrike Tandem Police Trike, whilst this isn't a traditional scooter, we could really see the kids having heaps of fun role playing.

Child 5+ years

Now, our Mr 6 has a bike. He has a scooter. But if I had a choice, I’d be looking at the Kids Fliker Tri Scooter or the Razor Powering Scooter. He’s at the age where he idolises the older kids and is starting to chase a challenge. So while he is mastering the art of acceleration and drifting, I can relax just a little knowing that these Scooters have a tonne of safety features that make it a little safer for him to build his co-ordination and confidence.

Child 8+ years

For Mr 9, it’s all about the speed and the tricks when it comes to his set of wheels. Plus, looking cool is very, very important. The Airwalk 50cm Bigwheel Slider ticks that box a few times over with its 50cm front wheel and thick rear wheels. It’s pretty much a speeding and sliding machine, perfect for an adrenaline seeking child (or adult – I think my husband might end up claiming this one).


Choosing a scooter for an 11 year old tween girl has proven to be tough in the past. She wants speed, to beat her brothers of course, but she also wants a touch of sophistication. Not an easy mix of features until you come across the Go Skitz Electric Scooter. It has a full size deck frame, which means she can keep on using it as she grows. Plus it goes up to 16km an hour, which means she can beat her brothers and barely break a sweat in the process. It’s the simple things that are the most important really.

So there you have it. These are just some of the fabulous scooters that are available right now that I’m crushing on for my children. Don’t forget, there are also heaps of accessories to jazz it up, such as novelty bells, horns and bags, so you can pretty much customise with small details to complement your child’s personality.

When choosing which scooter or balance bike is right for your child, consider where you’ll be riding it, how often and what you’ll be doing in it. Consider the tyres, the size, the age and weight limitations and the overall appearance. Is it something your child is likely to love now, and for years to come? Does it suit your lifestyle, where you live and your budget? Once you start narrowing these questions down, you’ll begin to zero in on the perfect Scooter.