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Kids Fashion & Style with Scotch & Soda's Shrunk & R’belle

August 01, 2014
Kids Fashion & Style with Scotch & Soda's Shrunk & R’belle

Scotch & Soda.
The name alone makes you realise you’re in for something a little different, something a little catchy, doesn’t it?

Anyone lucky enough to have spent time in Amsterdam knows this is a city of style and personality. So it’s no surprise that Scotch & Soda, who are based there, constantly deliver on garments that are thoughtful, great quality and surprisingly affordable. It’s the perfect combination.

Scotch Shrunk

In the world of little people things at Scotch & Soda got really exciting when the brand thought to literally shrink their men’s designs to fit boys.


Scotch Shrunk was born and instantly kids fashion got an injection of classy European style and design that wasn’t all cutesy and baby-like. Scotch Shrunk was for mini men in the making!

The current winter range is so irresistible. Smart double-button jackets, trendy puffers with faux fur trims, jumpers that look like they’re made for a slightly older Prince George (pop a collar and the adorable factor goes sky-high), too-cool-for-school Hawaiian print shirts (with suspenders, of course!), funky camouflage… Why grow up when grown-up’s fashion can be shrunk and made to look this good?

Get your Scotch Shrunk goodies here!

Scotch R’belle

Following the success of Scotch + Soda and Shrunk, it didn’t take long for the fashion house to realise they could move into women’s wardrobes as well. They did this beautifully with Maison Scotch, which was soon followed with little sister R’belle.

And again, it’s all oohs and aahs from us with the latest gear from this fun and fresh label. Super styling wonky hats, star-studded jeans, tops with quirky messages (“I eat glitter for breakfast” – love it!), snug-as-a-bug stripy leggings, personality-plus print dresses and even sweat dresses matched with out-there tut skirts for a bit of sartorial attitude… Talk about letting the creative spirit combine street cred with quirky twists.

Browse the Scotch R'belle range here!

There’s a lot to love about Scotch Shrunk and Scotch R’belle. We’re hooked!