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Shades of Grey | Kids Interiors

September 01, 2017
Shades of Grey | Kids Interiors

If you love all things monochrome and scandi, you will fall in love with Instagram product stylist @ourshadesofgrey.

Today, we are thrilled to feature @ourshadesofgrey 's favourite children's decor, toys and furniture - all in keeping with her passion for grey interiors!

Enjoy browsing the gallery and shopping the look.


When did your passion for interior design begin?

To be honest I've never had a creative bone in my body! I struggled in high school with anything creative and it wasn't until I began taking photos of my son and sharing on Instagram that I found a creative side to myself! We started off photographing Charlie in clothing to help promote Small Businesses but then Charlie hit the 'terrible twos' a year early! He wasn't sitting for photos, and he hated it so I began styling instead - this began about 6 months ago! There is just so much inspiration on Instagram I just fell in love with it all so fast and wanted to learn how to create those amazing spaces too!

Why do you think that grey is perfect for styling kids rooms?

It's so versatile and I know when our little girl arrives (that's me just hoping, I'm not pregnant or anything, ha!) we won't have to change too much! It's just such a great base and you can easily add a few pops of colour with cushions, throws and prints and it entirely changes up the whole feel of the room!

You collaborate with lots of unique brands! What are some of your new favourites?

This is a tough one! Our 'forever' favourite is easily Monkey n Moo but some new loves we've recently discovered are Little Connisiour, Stickstay, Oon and Pip and Sox!

What pieces of furniture or decor do you think parents should invest in the most for toddlers?

I think a good table and chair set is a must! Charlie spends hours sitting at his little table set drawing 'pictures' and writing 'letters' to his grandparents. I'd also have to say a decent sized storage basket, but that's more for me, ha! Having a toddler means my lounge room is always trashed with every toy sprawled everywhere, so having a good sized storage basket means I can just throw everything in during that crazy 10-minute cleaning sesh before my partner gets home!

Do you find sticking to one colour theme easier or harder?

Oh so so so much easier! I used to work with colour but I'm so OCD I could never get that feed flow right ha! Once I began styling in just shades of grey I really felt in my element and haven't been happier with styling!

What are your favourite accounts to follow for inspiration that we may not of heard off ?

My top favourite accounts that I go to for inspiration are @_honeypunch, and! So so so much amazing (and grey) talent!