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Creating a productive workspace for your child

February 08, 2017
Creating a productive workspace for your child

Here is what you need to do to create a productive workspace for your child which will help them thrive in their studies!

1. Keep calm and do your homework

You survive day one. You survive day two. And then they send them home with homework! Because six hours of school wasn’t enough…

But you are a good parent. So you battle through the tantrums and the tears to send them back the next day with their late night accomplishment safely tucked in their bag.

Motivate your child to complete their studies with a new desk which will make them feel more like a grown up therefore more empowered to complete the task at hand.

2. A soothing space is like a superpower

Creating a soothing workspace for your child means that you have a great place to send them, or join them, to complete their work.

Neutral tones create a zone that can be shared between family members and also helps to inhibit distractions.

It has been thought that playing classical music whilst working helps to stimulate the brain and improve memory power. I keep our Music Orb on the desk for this purpose. It works a treat! They love winding it up ready to work.

Some times tables charts and maps also help out to set the scene.

3. Note to self: Relax

You are doing a great job x






sally desk 3

sally desk 2

Styling & Words by Sally Bernard of Inside Four Lines

Photography by Julieanne Perara