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Sip Sop Kids | Get The Look

June 27, 2017
Sip Sop Kids | Get The Look

We are so thrilled to share this gorgeous room from Bree @sipsopkids ! Read our interview, browse the gallery and shop the look


1. How would you describe the style of Zaire's bedroom?

A modern bright, light and minimal room with a touch of vintage.

2. You have selected such gorgeous wallpapers for both of your children's bedrooms. What inspired you to incorporate wallpaper into the designs?

Both the "wallpapers" are actually hand painted works of art created by us. I was inspired by some of my favourite kids room designers (including Bel from Petite Interiors Co and Tarina from Oh.eight.oh.nine)to incorporate it into my design. Although, I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for so I thought why not just paint it ourselves? My hubby's good with a paint brush and so we did.

3. Tell us about the stylish storage solutions you have in Zaire's room.

For storage in Zaire's room we went with some gorgeous vintage inspired metal suitcases that came all the way from the UK, perfect for storing an extra blanket or some toys. We also chose one of the Ooh noo carts which my boys love! They pull it around and fill it with all their toys or even jump in and have a ride. It's multipurpose and I highly recommend it. (Ours is from Growing Footprints). I chose a Rafa Kids shelf for the wall to put all those special handmade items on that you don't want touched and then a book/storage shelf (designed and made by my dad and I) on the opposite wall for practical reasons.

4. What colour combinations are you loving in kids interiors at the moment?

I love a simple base layer of white, wood and grey for the big unchangeable items (beds/shelves, rugs) with pops of colour to the items that are easy to change (cushions, blankets, toys). Doing this allows you to change styles easily, makes it fun, gives the room warmth and creates that special atmosphere that our kids adore.

5. What piece in a child's bedroom do you think parents should invest in the most?

Definitely a good bed that will last them for years to come. The one we purchased from Rafa kids is fantastic as it's low to the ground for ease of access for a toddler, it's slim line and stylish! We chose not to buy a toddler bed because most of them were the same size as our cot and we thought it was better to put the money into something they won't grow out of too quickly.






List of Small Biz who sent Bree their goods:

My little joy: Floor cushion and tan/blue round cushion

Wanderlust collective shop: rectangular plane shelfie

Andie and Ollie: hexagon blocks

Bun and friend: brown pilot and bear peg people

Rafa kids: bed and shelf

Love Ellie Au: teepee shelf

Willow soy: felt ball garland

Inorog the label: indigo mouse softie

George and gouma: Giraffe taffy

Nana huchy: Grey mouse

Thewhimsical wall: eagle and boy print

Little Rae prints: aeroplane print

Captain cash: mushrooms

Woodland ends: fox bookends

Modern monty: wooden fox teether

Faith laine: white and wood dog shelfie

Biddy hunt: grey baby blanket and sweet dreams banner

Mini lita: wooden explore plaque

Big and little: mountain cushion

Chick knits: mini white knitted cushion

Ivy and the wolf: fox socks

Cloudette home: Moon and bead hanger

Hello huddy: dream big scrabble frame

Mama bear co: play plaque

Frankie and co: bear shelfies

Jem creative: then there was you print

Small print design: toy bag